Interactive Led Table Diy (DIY Project Download)

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Ok so how many of you have seen the interactive tables that can sell for over 150 a square foot? So you look around try to put together some figures on it then realize its just too expensive. Welcome to DIY heaven. Here is a guided instructable on how to make your own Interactive LED table using one of the kits from Evil Mad Sciencitst. At least the tables USED to be DIY, but now they sell them pre-built? Evil Mad Scientist Shop: DIY and open source hardware and software for art, education, and world domination. Soldering kits to build your own Interactive LED Panels with white LEDs.

interactive led table diy 2Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories has teamed up with Because We Can to create two awesome interactive LED coffee tables with hundreds of LEDs in the tops tha. Long-time readers might recall the original Interactive LED Dining Table, the infamous Interactive LED Coffee Tables, or the third-generation, not-very-creatively-named Interactive LED Panels. For those of you who want to make an interactive coffee table that will respond to your guests hand gestures, check out this cool DIY interactive LED.

Interactive Led S, Led Ideas, Add Panels, Led Panels, Diy Interactive. Interactive LED Panel Kits- this would be AWESOME to have, maybe one day I will have the extra to blow on this;). Evil Mad Scientist shares how to tech out the dining table into a light show using a frosted glass top and 448 LEDs. And the most amazing part is the lighting system plans result in a table that reacts to diner’s motions. The possibilities are practically infinite when it comes to getting interactive with LEDs. In fact, making your own interactive LED light table and programming it to perform in whatever way you want wouldn’t be that hard.

Interactive Led Coffee Table Kits

interactive led table diy 3DIY projects describing how to build electronic projects. Fun top 5 and top 10 lists. Edo from Germany built a real cool LED table that is controlled by Arduino microcontrollers. As soon as we get some more details we will add it to this article. DIY Interactive Tables – The geniuses at Evil Mad Scientist have released an updated do-it-yourself kit to make your own interactive LED coffee tables. This Pin was discovered by Gardening Bandits. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. See more about Led, Mad Scientists and DIY. Interactive LED Coffee Table. by DIY Maven on Feb 13, 2008. The top of The Wave coffee table is outfitted with LEDs that are activated when they see motion. Ripple Interactive LED Coffee Table. Interactive DIY Chalkboard Coffee Table zaie coffee table. Zaide Coffee Table by Ali Sandifer Studio. A table filled with hundreds of LEDs and motion sensors equals LEDs you can control with your hands. Wave your hand over the table and enjoy the show. DIY Interactive LED Stair Lighting.

Diy Interactive Led Panel Kits

This Amazing Interactive Beer Pong Table Is The DIY Project We’ve All Waited For. The original idea for this project was to design a coffee table to have integrated LEDs. We’d seen designs with interactive LEDs that responded to objects on the table, and they usually had around 400 LEDs. I want to hack up a coffee table and fill it with these. However, I would need at least 30 of them. Based on this site, that would cost me almost 1000. The Interactive LED Beer Pong Table is on Instructables. By Staff on May 25, 2014. Maker culture: junk robots, DIY tablets, 3D-printed dice, and more.

The Beer Pong Table X5 DIY kits that he’s selling range from 82 to 500.