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The desert ironwood tree, Olneya tesota, can be found growing only in the Sonoran Desert of Mexico, California and Arizona. The leaves of Ostrya virginiana are simple, alternate and doubly-toothed. The fruit looks somewhat like the fruit of Hops (Humulus lupulus), hence the common name hop-hornbeam. The Ironwood is a slow-growing, medium-sized, deciduous hardwood tree. It has a very unusual appearance in that its wide, tapering trunk grows absolutely vertically, with no bends or twists whatsoever, and its branches, arranged spirally and equally spaced around the trunk, grow perfectly straight away from the tree.

iron wood tree 2The desert ironwood only grows in the washes and valleys of the Sonoran Desert below 2,500 foot elevation. They’re the tallest trees in the Sonoran Desert, reaching heights of 15 to 25 feet, but they can grow as tall as 30 feet. Although I’ve lived in Arizona all my life, I hadn’t paid much attention to ironwood trees until one warm day several years ago. It was Pricing/Availability: The small size of the treein combination with its restricted distribution and relative raritymeans that Desert Ironwood is in scarce supply.

Ironwood, hop-hornbeam. Ostryer de Virginie. Ostrya virginiana (Mill.) K. KochBetulaceae (birch family). Origin: Eastern North America (native in Ontario). Desert ironwoods are great trees for the home landscape mostly evergreen, they provide shade, cooling, and habitat for native birds. Plant a 5-gallon Desert Ironwood next to a water-harvesting basin and, once established (after two to three years), it will need no supplemental water. A large shrub or small tree, up to 8-14m tall with amazing bright blue flowers that look almost unreal. Delek air produces showy clusters of tiny purple flowers, about 1cm each.

Desert Ironwood

iron wood tree 3Ironwood trees are known for being exceptionally hardy, known to handle extreme droughts and most inclement weather. The Ironwood tree is a favorite to both homeowners and commercial properties alike. As with many great horticultural trees, patience is required when cultivating Persian ironwood. It grows slowly, first as a multi-stemmed large shrub, then eventually as a low-branched, round-headed tree; it usually requires careful training to mature into a standard, single-trunk specimen. Ironwood definition, any of various trees yielding a hard, heavy wood, as the American hornbeam, Carpinus caroliniana, or Lyonothamnus floribundus, found on the islands off the coast of S California. A hardy legume tree, ironwood’s range closely matches the boundaries of the Sonoran Desert, the only place in the world where it occurs. The only species in the genus Olneya, ironwood is notable for its slow growth rates and extremely dense wood. Leadership begins with a dedicated and passionate team. Ironwood Tree Experience manages risk and provides the best team to maximize experience and learning for youth. House Whitehill once had ironwood, but lost it. Their sigil represents the barren hill on which their seat is situated – stripped bare of ironwood trees centuries ago.

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