Is Bed Stuy Safe 2015 (DIY Project Download)

This post was submitted on 08 Apr 2015. Yes, yes, yes. it is safe. look, you wanna stumble around on your iphone drunk at night and be all sloppy? yeah, maybe there’s a pro crook or two in this hood that will take advantage of that. There are parts of Bed-Stuy that are pretty far from a subway stop. 4.3k Views Upvoted by Quora User, Lived in NYC 2004-2015. I saw a beautiful, brand new studio in Bed-Stuy and fell in love with the building. I’ve been biking around the neighborhood trying to get a good feel for it, and it seems safe enough. However I am a young white female.

is bed stuy safe 2015 2Most of Bed-Stuy is safe during the day. At night, it’s advisable to take a car service directly to your destination. 10 Broadway Shows You Must See in 2015. I have found an apartment rental for a month in Bed-Stuy (specifically Decatur and Throop) that fits into my budget (2500) and a friend will check out for me next week to make sure everything is on the up and up. Location, location, location frimdogg 15 December 2015. Re: Bed-Stuy safe? The history of Bed-Stuy’s rise to one of Brooklyn’s top neighborhoods.

Safe and less than safe areas Warnings or Dangers tips from real travelers and locals in Brooklyn, New York State. Bed-Stuy, Crown Heights, Flatbush, Bushwick, East New York, Red Hook, Sunset Park, and Borough Park are areas that are not necessary to go through unless you’re just commuting through there. Stuy shooting, police union boss Patrick Lynch openly asserted (and many back-turning NYPD officers implied) that the mayor was somehow to blame, saying he’d thrown them under the bus by teaching his bi-racial son to be careful in encounters with police.


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Safe And Less Than Safe Areas In Brooklyn And Other Warnings And Dangers Reviews