Is Cabinet Refacing Worth It (DIY Project Download)

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Motivated by a newspaper ad for Sears’ kitchen-cabinet-refacing service, she scheduled an appointment and signed up. After two visits to take measurements and show her the new finish and hardware options she could choose from, Sears moved in. Paying the additional 4K was sooooo much more worth it. I went out to look at a lead where the customer would like refaced cabinetry in a small kitchen and a new laminate countertop. I’ve installed new, but never refaced, all though have read up and it.

I used a company in the SE PA area that also services NJ and was very happy. We live in a townhouse and figured the cabinets were in good shape, but outdated, so we resurfaced and love them. Maybe you don’t have time or patience to learn about cabinet refacing, so here’s a quick 5-minute guide to get you up to speed. Refaced kitchen cabinets will last as long as new cabinets and easily hold up to twenty years of normal use. There are some press board cabinets that are not worth refacing.

Or, do you do what many homeowners are doing, and forgo the replacement of the cabinets by opting for cabinet refacing instead. There are pros and cons for each side of the argument and both have valid points. The condition of your cabinets can play a role in whether or not it’s worth reglazing them, so talk to a professional to get his or her advice on your best option. However, if you would prefer extra storage, more counter space or more flexible functions, new cabinets may be worth the extra investment in the long run.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Is it worth it to remodel a bath and reface kitchen cabinets to sell in 90805? It I would guess it is 2 weekends worth of work with giving the paint the week in between time to dry/harden. Not knowing if I have the skill set to handle the reface of my kitchen cabinets by my self, I figured I would try and tackle something smaller first and see how that worked out. When your cabinets look old, faded, or worn, give us call to put on a new, happier face. For the most financially sound cabinet refacing in Lake Worth, FL, please give our company a call. Is refacing your kitchen cabinets worth it? Kitchen Magic Refacers can reface your cabinets and remodel your kitchen typically in four days at 1/3 the cost of. Had a horrible experience with Diamond Cabinet Refacing worth sharing. After their workers were advised to not connect the hose to our fridge (hose was actually duct taped to the back of fridge), they still went ahead and did causing alot of damage to our hardwood floors.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing- Is It Worth It?