Japanese Woodblock Prints Video Game (DIY Project Download)

Discover handmade woodblock prints of classic video games. Caringly designed by Jed Henry and beautifully printed in David Bull’s Tokyo workshop. Beautiful handmade prints in the Japanese tradition. Crafted in our Tokyo workshop by printmaker David Bull. A parody art project, commenting on the ancient origins of modern Japanese game culture. ‘The Hero Rests’ woodblock prints went into the mail last week. Shameless obsession with Japanese and Asian art. Well, to try and get them to properly understand my proposal – to make them see just how beautiful woodblock prints can be – this time Dave is trying a different approach.

japanese woodblock prints video game 2The Ukiyoe Heroes series of woodblock prints are all produced by Mokuhankan, the print publishing venture from David Bull. You will find illustrations of the prints, newsletters, and information on printmaking techniques. Special note!: My RichMedia eBook is now available! It is entitled ‘Your First Print’, and is a complete overview of the making of a woodblock print using the traditional Japanese techniques. I hope you find some of the prints to your liking! Our current project is the creation of a set of ukiyo-e style prints based on video game characters. Remember Jed Henry’s series of Nintendo game characters as traditional Japanese Ukiyo-e woodblock prints? June 29, 2012 in artist, castlevania (i need to go back and play through them all), characters, doing things the old fashioned way, eye candy, gallery, good job, holy smokes, i like will be buying, japanese, keep up the good work, look at all the pretty colors!, nintendo, oldschool (like really really oldschool), oooh la la, pokemon, super mario bros.

World Wide Pinar: Video Games as Traditional Japanese Art. Star Fox: Video Games Re-Imagined As Traditional Japanese Prints Man I want this poster!!. Impressions of video games done in Japanese woodprinting See more about Business Design, Video Games and Woodblock Print.

Ukiyoe Heroes

Each of the prints, which now number more than a dozen, places videogame characters of the past 40 years in the stylistic world of Edo-period Japan through hand-cut and -printed woodblocks, published like their forbears in inexpensive, unlimited editions, and distributed (unlike their forbears) through the Internet. Ukiyo-e Heroes pays homage to Japanese influence on the visual design of videogames as well as to the traditions of Japanese woodblocks. Using characters from Nintendo video games, Henry creates digital works in the style of Japanese woodblock prints. The pairing makes sense. Genuine Japanese WOODBLOCK Print By MASAO IDO Estampe Japonaise. Heron woodblock print A3 blue, woodcut, Japanese, hand pulled print, water, lake, ripples, nature, printmaking, wall art.

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