Jazz Swing Dance (DIY Project Download)

jazz swing dance 1

Osaka Swingin’ NightEasy Swing Party – 2 / 2nd SUNDAY -schedulepeoplecontactOSAKA LINDY EXCHANGE 2015. The Chicago Swing Dance Society (CSDS) is based at the University of Chicago. We are Chicago’s longest-running non-profit organization dedicated to the expansion, promotion, and preservation of the Lindy Hop and jazz music through social dances, class sessions, and workshops. Goody Swing A familiar swing dance event playing the most easy-to-dance mix of standard jazz and swing tunes. There is beginner-friendly mini-lesson in beginning of the event. No reservation is required. Open for everyone.

jazz swing dance 2Swing dancers from all nations of the world are invited to attend and compete in the swing dance contests, enjoy social dancing with live jazz music and international DJs, and take part in workshops taught by top international instructors. In this four part how to video you will learn to dance solo jazz and swing. Learn how to do Suzie Q’s, the Charleston and other hot jazz moves with this dance tutorial. Watch this video and you will be swing dancing without a partner in no time.

European Swing Dance Championships