Jo Malone Wood Sage And Sea Salt (DIY Project Download)

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I have never dabbled with Jo Malone perfumes. They are perfectly pleasant, It’s just I’ve not experienced the wow factor. And then there was Wood Sage and Sea Salt cologne. It smells like the best parts of Autumn, windswept beaches, winter festivities, adventure and endless possibilities all at once. Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt 30ml in Health & Beauty, Fragrances, Women’s Fragrances eBay. When Jo Malone’s latest fragrance drop was introduced to be way back in May, I fell in love at the very first sniff. Celebrating the Great British seaside, the Wood Sage & Sea Salt both takes its inspiration and draws scent from mossy driftwood, salty sea air and breezy clifftops.

jo malone wood sage and sea salt 2That’s why we are in love with Jo Malone’s new postcards that use images from the picturesque seaside for their new Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne campaign.

Jo Malone Sage & Sea Salt Cologne

A Review Of Jo Malone Sea Salt And Wood Sage Perfume Fragrance