Josette’s Music Box Replica (DIY Project Download)

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One of the rarest of the Dark Shadows collectibles is this plastic music box, a replica of the music box given to Josette by her beloved Barnabas on the show. It was produced in 1970 by Paul Randolph Associates and was only available through mail order. On eBay – DARK SHADOWS Josette’s Music Box REPLICA Dan Curtis Productions. Copy of Barnabas long lost love Josette’s music box in which he tried to convince Maggie Evans she was Josette Collins. And a replica of Barnabas Collins black onex ring.

josette's music box replica 2This music box is a plastic, cylinder-shaped replica of the music box used on Dark Shadows and House of Dark Shadows. Above the picture are the words Dark Shadows listed in quotes and underneath it states Josette’s Music Box. Someone on ebay is offering the painting on canvas. Just query DARK SHADOWS BARNABAS PORTRAIT 18×24 PRINT ON CANVAS. You can get Josette’s Music Box on ebay. They seem to run about 80. I hope this helps. Dark Shadows Festival, P. O. Box 92, Maplewood, NJ 07040.

Dark Shadows Barnabas Collins Josette’s Music Box Original 1970. 82.99. 8 bids. 29 watching. This is the original Josette’s Music Box manufactured in 1970 for the very popular daytime soap opera, Dark Shadows. Julia Hoffman is a fictional character played by Grayson Hall in the 1966 ABC soap opera Dark Shadows. A doctor in the fields of psychology and rare blood disorders and head of the Windcliff Sanitarium, she moved into Collinwood and discovered the vampire, Barnabas Collins. (Jonathan Frid), who had wished to transform Maggie into a mental replica of his long-dead love Josette du Pres (also played by Scott). Julia became interested in Josette’s music box (the tinkling sound heard by Maggie) and the fact that Barnabas kept one of Josette’s old perfume bottles in her room in the Old House – Josette’s favourite scent was jasmine. AYS JOSETTE’S THEME’ The music box given to our favorite vampire Barnabas by his fiancee, Josette Dupree.

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josette's music box replica 3The van was re-released after the show went off the air, without any DS tie-in on the box.

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