Kemper Rack Space (DIY Project Download)

The Kemper Profiling Rack Mounted Amp allows you to put the Kemper in your rack set up for great flexibility. With over 50 effects built in you of which you can have up to 8 on at any time you have evverything you need in one rack unit. However, I was wondering if the rack’s hardware was in any way superior to the sci-fi toaster (besides the unit being smaller). Would you guys happen to know?. Kemper Profiler RackIn April 2012 we reviewed Kemper’s profiling amplifier (review here). The Profiler Rack (pictured) is a rack-mountable version of the original unit, useful for those users where space is at a premium in the studio.

kemper rack space 2Kemper Profiler Rack Rackmount Guitar Amplifier at Musicians Friend. You can use it just like you would a regular amplifier, or you could use it as a multi-effects unit, or even as the front end for your guitar-based studio. Don’t need or want the rack case? The unit does have rubber feet and can be used as a stand alone table top unit. I have the original Kemper shipping cartons. The Kemper Profiler enables you to do what generations of guitar players have been waiting for: to capture the soul of all your amps (and so many more) inside a lunchbox-sized amplifier.

Just saw the new KPA rack unit on Gear Sluts. Any thoughts from the AXE Camp? The unpowered Kemper Profiler Rack can’t be equipped with a power amp. WARNING: This is not a suggestion to open the unit or to fix any degree of troubles by yourself! I just posted this because I assume you’re an adult and responsible individual, but at the same time I strongly discourage you from trying. I just discovered that the new Kemper Rack Mounted unit with the power amp is only Mono. WTF?? It’s 2700. It should be stereo at that price.

Kemper Profiler Rack Rackmount Guitar Amplifier

Another Aftershock Invention The first 2×12 w a integrated 6 space effects rack, including 360 LEDs! Have your entire rig in one unit w nothing to hook up except power! More. Buy Kemper Profiler Power Rack & Remote from a large selection of Guitar Pre Amps. The PowerRack can be integrated into a rack unit for space saving and easy transportation. Spices right at your fingertips and ready to use are easy to access with our Wall Spice Rack Cabinet. See In Real Space; Related Products. See In Real Space. AXE FX II vs Kemper Profile Amp – So many guitars, so little time! Enter the Fractal Audio Axe-Fx. This two rack space digital modeling unit was already a part of my A-rig, for effects only. Well, apparently the Kemper touched down in Australia last week and before you could say, I hate Australian summers the unit was sold out. Honestly i would love a 3-4 rack space version of this. it would be much more transportable and able to give it a spot better in the studio.

Kemper Shows Off New Rack Unit!