Kemper Rack Vs Lunchbox (DIY Project Download)

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The lunch box is just about the most stupid format a great product has ever been put in. Everything the Kemper can do, the Axe-FX II can do just as good or in most cases, better. At the moment I prefer using the Axe though, because of the efx, routing and rack shape. I’d have to wait for the rack version of the kemper if it out performs the axe though. I’m just more of an amp tone guy vs effects – I hate washing out my live tone with too much sauce. Yeah, it looks like Spock’s Lunchbox but that part doesn’t bother me.

kemper rack vs lunchbox 2Gear & Equipment Discussions on Racks, Amps, Cabinets, Tube vs. Kemper lunchbox model x2 Wireless units (line 6 g30) x2 Svt preamp pedal Storage for FCB1010s when traveling Storage for pod x3 live Possibly an IEM system in the future months. I’d go with at least a 16 space rack since the Kemper units will be 4u tall each, 2u for the wireless units, and another space or two to fit the preamp pedal and still have a few free spaces for IEM stuff. Featuring a user interface nearly identical to the lunchbox version, the Kemper Profiler Rack is just as easy to operate. The layout is highly intuitive and already familiar to users of more traditional amps. Profiling an amp vs somebody’s interpretation and eqing with cab sims are totally different. The Kemper continually makes me go WOW since my brain expects a large head and stack, or expensive Boutique Amp, and it all comes in a device no larger than a Lunch Box. I also own a Pod HD500, an Eleven Rack and an Axe-Fx II.

Kemper says that, featuring a user interface nearly identical to the lunchbox version, the Kemper Profiler Rack is just as easy to operate. The Kemper Profiling Amplifier enables you to do what generations of guitar players have been waiting for: to capture the soul of all your amps (and. I read they are making a rack mounted version, that would be a big plus. Bottom line: a great goto amp for just about any tone one needs for any project. Premier Guitar Content on Kemper. Tone Tips: Modelers vs. Kemper Profiling Announces the Profiler PowerHead and the Kemper Profiler Rack. The Kemper Profiling Amplifier will come as a lunchbox size device,with all the professional connections for home, studio and on stage use.

Rack Case Recommendations (kemper Lunchbox)

kemper rack vs lunchbox 3Kemper Profiling Amplifier – Profile Rack with Profile Remote Controller. The Kemper Profiling Amp Bag is specifically designed to accommodate the Profiling Amp’s lunchbox-size chassis. So, I love the concept of the kemper and want to buy one. Specifically I want the rackmount version. The toaster price will drop more when the rack comes out. Unless you NEED the Kemper right away, wait. The Kemper Profiler enables you to do what generations of guitar players have been waiting for: to capture the soul of all your amps (and so many more) inside a lunchbox-sized amplifier. In The Axe-Fx Vs. Kemper Debate, Twelve Foot Ninja Chooses. I have a pod, Axe II, guitar rig pro, and an eleven rack. Now I’m the proud owner of a Power Rack and unpowered lunchbox for home use. If you choose to go to a studio and use theirs just be aware that they are all a little bit different..especially old vs new. I have, today, the rack version of the Kemper, WITHOUT the poweramp. I am using this setup with my Lunchbox Kemper since over 2 years and have played small clubs and big venues and open air festival stages. Is there going to be any complication with my setup vs his live?

Kemper Profiling Amp In A Rack Version

The Kemper Remote control interface for the Profiler modeling amp. With the Kemper Profiling Amplifier (or Profiler for short), Christoph Kemper aimed to offer guitarists similar sonic sampling capabilities enjoyed by keyboard players, but in an easy to use lunchbox package capable of authentically modeling any guitar amp tone. LG Watch Urbane vs. I also have the original lunchbox looking one which I like how simple it is to change settings simple like a real amp, touch of a knob and done. Kemper also issued a normal rack version of the amp. One Speaker vs Multiple small speakers. So far I’ve been very happy using a ZT Lunchbox and ZT Cab. Kemper vs. HD500 + DT25 which has better real amp feel. We have the Pod HD Pro and Kemper in the studio now. Kemper vs. I cant help thinking a 2U rack would have been far preferable IMO. I always thought it looks like a lunchbox for Elroy Jetson:lol:.

But I believe AXE-Fx is a far superior product to Eleven Rack, let alone POD HD. Having never played either based only on clips i’d say the axe fx 2. as far as other choices, that new kemper preamp unit seems like cool concept. The form factor of a lunch box head would be ok if they had built in a SS 300 watt power amp. To me the only real upgrade would be to a Kemper and even that has some limitations, well one. Preach it Phil; 2000 vs 700. Mesa F-30 vs. Peavey JSX – KT77 vs 6550s thoughts? Peak 2005 Midi Controller Content Playing around with the new KEMPER rack! + tone burst + G12H30 + sennheiser E906 I really want that new Engl lunchbox amp, am I mad?