Kennedy Tool Box Locks Replacements (DIY Project Download)

Find KENNEDY Replacement Parts at Grainger. Lock, No Cam with (2) Flat Keys, For Use With Grainger Item Number 4NFK9, 4NFL1, 4NFL2, 33M638, 33M639, 13R640, 13R641, 2F001, 5CFF3, 5CFF2, 2F003, 5CFF5, 5CFF4, 2F005, 5CFF7, 5CFF6, 13R642, 13R643, 2F007, 5CFFG0, 5CFF9, 2F009, 5CFG1, 1RG24, 5CFG2, 5CFG4, 5CFG5, 1RG26, 5CFG6, 1RG27, 5CFG3, 13R644, 13R645, 33M649, 33M650, 3WE10, 5CFF8, 1RG32, 5CFH0, 1RG22, 33M640, 2F015, 33M641, 1RG30, 5CFG7, 5CFG8, 5CFG9, 13R648, 13R649, 5CFH3, 5CFH4, 33M642, 33M643,. Chest Drawer. Discover Tool Storage and other Storage Furniture & Systems at MSC Industrial Supply. Over 1 million products that ship and deliver fast. Kennedy ToolBox Lock Tubular Cylinder with 2 Keys Set (Long Cam) Tool Box.

kennedy tool box locks replacements 2Buy Kennedy Steel Tool Box Case & Cabinet Accessories for Use with Roller Cabinets; Material: Steel; Type: Tubular High Security Lock & Key Sets; Parts and accessory items can be purchased directly from Kennedy. Tool storage equipment can be purchased through our distributors and retail stores that carry a broad selection of our product lines. How do I order replacement parts for my tool box? Replacement parts and accessories can be purchased directly from Kennedy Manufacturing by contacting our Customer Service Department. Kennedy locks are seriously easy to pick. Many times I would forget my toolbox keys (different ring of keys in those days), I would just go around to my cohorts and borrow theirs to open my box where I had another set of keys for the rest of my boxes.

Toolbox locks are generally considered ineffective as theft deterrents, especially in shops full of dozens to thousands of tools which can disable said locks in seconds. I changed all my Sears locks over to a Kennedy 7-pin tubular tumbler, which is a much better lock. I bought replacement keys for the keys that I lost and they were perfect. I wish to introduce myself to anyone who reads this, as this is my first post. I am in need of a few parts for a Kennedy roll away set up I pieced together over the years. Does anyone have a source for parts for a Kennedy roll away? I need a few of the spring clips that keep the drawers from coming out.

Buy 80403 Kennedy Steel Tool Box Case & Cabinet Accessories For Use With Roller Cabinets From Useenco

I just latched onto a perfectly good Kennedy machinist’s tool chest, looks like new except the lock has been drilled out. Do you have the straight latch on the backside, or is it the one that is hooked? I be more than happy to send you one if you need it. Related Searches: lock replacement sets for tool carts,replacement tool box lock,tool cabinet lock and key replacement. I pulled a bonehead and lost a ring of keys with my tool box keys on it. You can order replacement keys on line for some manufacturers, if you can’t wait which is a good possibility since it sounds like it’s for work, drill it out and order a new lock set. I needed another portable tool box like a hole in the head. People in the past said to go to a local locksmith for a replacement key. Machinist Toolbox, Kennedy Machinist Tool Box, Machinist Tool Chest, Journeyman Chest, Apprentice Chest, Multi Drawer Tool Chest, Portable Mechanist Chest, Shop Chest, and Locking Machinist Chests from your source for material handling equipment. Tool Chest, Portable Mechanist Chest, Shop Chest, and Locking Machinist Chests from your source for material handling equipment. Replacement and add-on item for your tool boxes, chests, roller cabinets and work stations. Replacement Lock And Key Sets, KENNEDY Replacement Lock And Key Set – MODEL. Can I change my tool box locks to use the same key to open all my Kennedy tool storage.

So You Lost Your Toolbox Key: How Screwed Are You?