Kleenex Box Cover Pattern (DIY Project Download)

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Free Pattern and Directions to Sew a Fabric Tissue Box Cover. Be sure you are making your cover for a tissue box size that you use often, so that your cover will always fit. Then, match up each of your corner raw edges and sew your cover into a rectangle shape, using a 1/4 inch seam allowance. If that box of tissues stands out like a sore thumb, this guide will help camouflage it with just a little scrap fabric and some sewing. How to Make a Tissue Box Cover. Use pins to hold back the flaps as you sew to make things easier.

kleenex box cover pattern 2Turn your tissue boxes into those giant lego bricks with any type of yarn you have left! How to cover a lampshade frame – How to create a reversible notebook cover – How to make a tissue box cover – How to print a repeating pattern using a Print Gocco. Download and print FOUR copies of our Tissue Box Pattern.

This pattern is in English crocheting terms. Posted by Michelle at 9/17/2010 Reactions:.

Ravelry: Lego Brick Tissue Box Cover Pattern By Ahooka Migurumi

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