Kleenex Box Craft Ideas (DIY Project Download)

This school bus Kleenex box craft is a fun back-to-school project, and would be a great gift to give to the teachers as a decorative addition to their classroom. School Bus Kleenex Box Craft – Great Back to School Craft for Kids. List of empty box crafts available on DLTK’s Crafts for Kids. Valentine’s Day Kid’s Craft: Recycle Your Tissue Box into a Cute Card Carrier. I love recylced craft ideas! I love the idea for the kleenex box too!

kleenex box craft ideas 2Tissue boxes make wonderful monsters by turning the opening at the top of the box into a big monster mouth, ready to swallow fingers and toy cars! There is a plethora of shoebox projects floating around in the World Wide Web, so I’ve sifted through all of them to bring you only the best, most creative and useful projects that can finally get rid of some of those old shoeboxes. The tutorial makes use of an old tissue box, but you can make a much larger basket with a shoebox instead. Turn a plain jane Kleenex box into something a little more kid approved by turning it into a Lego Kleenex Box!. My kids are all about Minecraft & Legos so I know they would love this!

Kleenex Box Craft – upcycle a cardboard box into a fun piece of art for your tween or teen’s locker. I can think of so many other projects I could make with these. What happens when your kids get sick? But aren’t sick enough to stay in bed – only stay home from school? These Kleenex box monsters are an excellent way to dress up the tissue box which will probably have to be close at hand. This could make a really fun craft for kids; it’d even be a fun project for a book club. Pick out your favorite Kleenex box designs and get crafting!

Tissue Box Craft

Kleenex Box Crafts: Locker Magnet