Kneeling Stool For Prayer (DIY Project Download)

Custom prayer benches, desks, altars, kneelers and prie dieu custom handmade from top-quality hardwoods. Church Prayer Desks, Prie Dieu & Kneelers For Sale. Upon contemplation of a solution for my sore knees, I came up with the design of the prayer stool. I envisioned the stool to be small enough to kneel on and attractive enough to incorporate with my room decor.

kneeling stool for prayer 2This small folding kneeling bench (prayer stool or meditation stool or kneeler or meditation knee chair) is designed to reduce the weight and pressure put on legs and knees while kneeling during a prayer or meditation. Kneeling Bench from the Zen Tradition. Use with the 2.5 Zabuton for a comfortable Kneeling Meditation Posture. Kneeling Bench Cushion sold separately. Please Click a Link below to View our Beautiful Kneelers. We can custom build any of our Prayer Kneeler, Prie Dieu or Prayer Bench to meet your needs.

Bid Live on Lot 269 in the Antique & Later Furnishings Auction from Dreweatts & Bloomsbury (Dreweatts). I personally would have tended to say prayer desk or prayer bench for the entire item or prayer stool if I meant a smaller item without a shelf for the Bible. The Ngram Viewer also much prefers prie-dieu to prayer kneeler. Another object of the invention is the provision of a prayer bench assembly in which the kneeling bench is adapted to be nested in the lower part of the cabinet and in which a plurality of kneeling benches may be provided for persons of different size and age.

Folding Meditation Kneeling Bench

Welcome to our auction for a PRE-LOVED old pine PRAYER STOOL with kneeling pad and leaning bar. In need of some tlc, would make a great restoration project. Define prayer stool: a stool to kneel on when prayingprayer stool in a sentence.

Prayer Stool