Kobalt Tool Box Reviews (DIY Project Download)

Kobalts are ok, but basically no better or worse than Sears, Husky (Home Depot), or Kennedy with ball bearing drawers. You may be able to find an outlet that sells scratch & dent chests. For some reason, I think Waterloo makes Kobalt and Snap-on toolboxes. Those stainless Kobalt boxes are pretty nice. I haven’t been impressed with anything from sears Craftsman in the last few years. This tool chest will quickly become one of your favorite tools in and of itself, and anyone not familiar with Kobalt’s tool storage products will want to take a closer look at what is offered.

kobalt tool box reviews 2Well guys been lookin at the SS kolbalt and craftsman tool boxes lately and it appears the Kolbalt are a little more quality. lookin at gettin the one. My idea of a high-tech tool storage innovation is foam-lined drawers; speakers and a fridge make this box seem like some kind of social center rather than a storage system, but maybe that s exactly the point. I like the Kobalt box, the snap-on is definitely heavier-duty but given my usage the Kobalt will probably last a lifetime anyway. Seems like the reviews I’ve read are very positive.

I have looked at some older threads about tool boxes and I am keeping my eye on Craigslist for snap-on, mac type stuff, but I am looking in the 1k. Custom engraved socket sets from Kobalt Tools. I’d like to receive the latest news on KOBALT products via email. 1 complaints and reviews for ‘Kobalt Tool Cabinet’ sorted by Latest. Lowes – Lowe’s refuses online fulfillment, changes web site while I’m on phone with corporate customer care ( filtered by Kobalt Tool Cabinet product ).

Kobalt Or Craftsman Tool Boxes?

tool box 73014007 3Now, instead of searching for a particular tool, I know that everything is stored in my Kobalt stainless steel tool cabinet that I bought at Lowes home improvement store. Read our reviews to find the Best Tool Chest and compare photos, specs and user reviews. Kobalt TRXK11426, 43 Inch 11 Drawer Steel Tool Cabinet. It’d let me consolidate all my tools into one box from two smaller ones and some shelves. I’ve got Two Kobalt boxes from Lowes now for 3 racing seasons that are clamped down in my toy hauler trailer. Get all the latest information on Tool Boxes for storage and. Lowes listed their new Kobalt tools on Lowes.com in late October, but you couldn’t buy them even if you wanted to. In my reviews, the new Magnum Grip and Triple Cut tools received 10/20 and 11/20 ratings. Home Depot and Lowe’s both are retail big box bottom feeders by definition. This new tool storage chest from Milwaukee lives up to the tradition of durable and functional tools that are built for the trades.

Tool Chest, Tool Box, Any Recommendations?

Anyone have any feedback on Kobalt truck boxes? Any other brands you recommend? My Delta held up ok and I’m not looking to spend a fortune, just want to hear the board’s opinion. Yeah looking online for reviews people say that the Kobalt is kind of flimsy. I am so fed up with needing tools that are either at home, or at my rental unit I’m upgrading. PRODUCT REVIEWS PRODUCT REVIEWS. Kobalt truck tool boxes run about 300 at Lowe’s and Huskey brand is about 250 at Home Cheapo. Kobalt Full Size Contractor Truck Tool Box from Lowes. We looked at the reviews of this box and saw some issue that we have to take a closer look. I just bought a kobalt truck tool box from lowes. not very happy. 1. the mounting holes don’t go over the bed enough, so you can’t drill directly into. ITrader Score: 0 reviews.

Looking to see pics, especially on a supercab truck like mine. I’ve had Kobalt tool boxes in the past and am pleased with their performance.