Kobalt Vs Husky Truck Tool Box (DIY Project Download)

I did not have a ton of money and wanted to buy an American made box (aluminum – black) I owned a Kobalt box from Lowes with my last truck but left it with it. I can get the Delta, Deezee or Kobalt anyday, but the Craftsman I would have to drive to Massena, NY. Page 1 of 3 – Which Tool Box to go with? – posted in Vehicle Appearance, Care, & Maintenance: Hey Guys, I’m loong to get rid of my tonneau cover and just go with a deep crossover tool box. I just bought a kobalt truck tool box from lowes. not very happy. 1. the mounting holes don’t go over the bed enough, so you can’t drill directly into. I have used a black Husky from Home Depot and loved it. The best I’ve ever had though was a black Weather Guard (or is it Weather Tight??? cant remember).

kobalt vs husky truck tool box 2I need to get a good tool box for my Nissan Frontier. I’ve got a Lowe’s (with Kobalt brand) and Tractor Supply in my little town. Anyone have a review. I have a husky brand box from home depot. The box and shocks are adequate, but the latches are junk. I have a black Husky over the rail single lid toolbox. On a previous truck I had a tractor supply gull wing box and except for it being too shallow for my needs it was a great affordable box as well. I have a set of kobalt and craftsman sockets etc (200 piece plus kit). I totally agree on this this one Husky and Kobalt have life time a warranty craftsman is not the king of the home tool box anymore. I have two craftsman sets, 290 piece and 309 piece, and those both serve every need I can come up with and I am constantly rebuilding my banshee motor, working on my truck, lifts etc.

The newer boxes are very much like the Husky or Sears boxes. Archive Kobalt vs Husky The BS Topic. Lowes vs Home Depot. How do these big box retail do it yourself store tools compare to each other? Is there a brand name behind either one? I’m looking to get a right angle die grinder, and I’m wondering if one is better than the other. 3 – Air tools: Craftsman if the air tool will receive frequent use. Again, because there are so many Sears stores around here, plus a Sears Parts Store. You guys have to honestly SEE the security they have built into their trucks. They make Craftsman, Kobalt, and Husky brands toolboxes. ‘traxx’ box about 10 years ago. i paid 900 for it used off the snap on truck.

Truck Tool Box Recommendations?

kobalt vs husky truck tool box 3Kobalt Aluminum Universal Truck Tool Box Storage Crossover Crossbed Pickup. This sale is for 1 Craftsman – Sears – Kobalt – Husky Toolbox Keys with the key codes below. Even some of the tool truck guys have overseas tools (usually very high quality Taiwanese) creeping into their trucks. I’ve got Two Kobalt boxes from Lowes now for 3 racing seasons that are clamped down in my toy hauler trailer. I have three kinds of tool boxes,two craftsman, a husky and a snap-on. I’m pretty sure that Waterloo is the only American company that makes tool boxes. The Husky brand at Home Depot is made by Stanley and is much better. Don’t own any of the tool boxes, but I do have and have used a lot of Kobalt tools, and I can say they are as good as many higher end brands, and better. Husky tools are hit or miss, a few rungs down from Kobalt in my experiance. The rest of the truck is Craftsman GripLatch boxes that work really well too. Well guys been lookin at the SS kolbalt and craftsman tool boxes lately and it appears the Kolbalt are a little more quality. I just bought an older 23 drawer 41 ballbearing Husky box for 300 off CL.

Kobalt Tool Boxes At Lowe’s- A Good Buy?

Husky is a line of hand tools, pneumatic tools, and tool storage products. Though founded in 1924, it is now best known as the house brand of The Home Depot, where it is exclusively sold. Kobalt – Snap On / Husky – MAC Performance Talk. I am looking to get a new tool box for Christmas because my Snap On box is all filled. The guys in the little trucks, or big trucks, come around to the shops and some mechanics like that. Pawn shops, craigslist, and even the tool trucks usually have used boxes at quite a discount. My wife and kids bought me a nice Husky box about 10 years ago and it cost about 500. But my experience with tools is limited to Home Depot Husky brand which were so bad they make my eyes bleed. I have a Snap-On box that was backed into by a truck, and it still works great. I know a couple of people who are pretty happy with the Kobalt stuff you can get at Lowes. Even cheap craftsman tool boxes don’t last.