Laminate Shelving Systems (DIY Project Download)

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Can I mount this shelf using a different shelving system? Create extra storage space by adding multiple shelves to your closet by installing this ClosetMaid Selectives White Laminate Shelf. Our White Melamine Shelves are specifically designed to work perfectly with our elfa Easy Hang or freestanding Shelving Systems as well as our wall-mounted shelving components. Use elfa Solid Shelf Brackets and Shelf Connectors when installing with our elfa Shelving Systems.

laminate shelving systems 2The Solid Wood Laminate Shelf – Modern Cherry provides a sturdy, solid shelf for your freedomRail closet system. These wood shelves are great for freedomRail closet applications, and are truly ideal for FreedomRail desks, hobby stations, and entertainment centers. All shelves are made from laminated wood melamine. A great way to add extra storage to any custom freedomRail closet system is with some solid wood laminate shelves. Find high-quality with shelves in compact laminate by famous designers and manufacturers on Architonic. See here for more information about our designer with shelves in compact laminate.

If you’re deciding on laminate shelves or wired shelves, there are pros and cons each type of shelf system offers. Harkraft, the storage gurus tells you! Modern library shelving systems must be sturdy and aesthetically pleasing, and offer cost-effective, flexible shelf arrangement options. Shelving systems come in many different sizes and materials, including wood, steel, and laminate. Combine our laminate shelving with available accessories to create a modern, sleek space or a more sophisticated, traditional look. We also offer matching doors, drawer fronts, moulding, and countertops to many of these colors.

Solid Wood Laminate Shelf

laminate shelving systems 3Find wire or wood laminate closet organizers and closet systems, as well as solutions for kitchen, laundry, garage or other needs. ClosetMaid ventilated wire shelving is versatile and dependable. Learn 7 factors to choose between wire shelving and a custom laminate closet organizer system. Custom features and accessories can be used to create a very unique closet system. Options for shoe rails are also available. Fixed or hide-a-way dressing mirrors can be included in any walk in design. Goldon Windows and Mirrors – mirrors, wire shelving, custom windows, replacement windows, locksets, deadbolts, brass handlesets, door handles, patio doors, custom shower doors, tub enclosures, curvet glass countertop, bowl and sinks, colorglass. Additionally, the Deluxe Wood Laminate System delivers the widest range of high quality professional looking, customized closets. Patterson Pope’s laminate locker systems are modular locker systems that can help adapt to your storage needs depending on space and demands.

Laminate Vs. Wire Shelving For Storage