Laminated Wood Bicycle Frame (DIY Project Download)

Luckily, as a part of my engineering curriculum I learned what I needed to build my own frame out of locally sourced black walnut wood. While this was a fairly intensive 5-month project (I only had time to work on it occasionally because of school), I’ll do my best to give a good outline of the steps involved. After seeing this bike on a bicycle design blog I was inspired to build my own. Wood with two part laminating glue and thinner veneer (should you try this again) will give you amazing visuals and a longer lasting end product. A wooden bicycle is a bicycle constructed either mostly, or entirely from wood. Wood was the material used in the earliest bicycles, and is being rediscovered by modern builders. The wood can be either solid or laminate. Wooden bicycle frames are sometimes aided by steel or composite lugs to connect the wooden tubes or attach components.

laminated wood bicycle frame 2Alternative frame materials are becoming more popular these days, and wood has been a favorite of the experimental set. French designers Thierry Boltz and Claude Saos, from the design studio Boltz & Saos, based in Strasbourg, France, build the WOOD. Ride in style with Axalko’s handmade bespoke wooden frame bycicles. Design and technology that create style and performance. And as interest in sustainability and renewable energy grows, not only are more people (re)turning to pedal power, there is renewed interest in wooden frame bicycles.

Images of Woodbike’s Italian hand-built wood-carbon fibre laminate bike. As with other wooden bikes we’ve featured, the carving doesn’t stop at the frame. Hand-made wooden bicycle frames. My bicycle frames are hollow and incredibly lightweight. Topic tags/keywords: laminated wood bicycle frame bubinga purpleheart wenge padauk cedar ash cherry maple walnut zebrawood.

French Designers Build Bikes From Laminated Wood

laminated wood bicycle frame 3This Pin was discovered by Samuel Price. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. See more about Bike Frame, Frames and Php. This Pin was discovered by Benjamin P. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. See more about Bike Frame, Frames and Php. This Pin was discovered by Kaiden Macdonald. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. See more about Bike Frame, Frames and Php. The wooden bike stable now includes the bikes below (click images to go to the individual pages) but i’m sure there will be others to add to the collection in the future. I am going to do half lap joints as I dont really trust finger joints, with a half lap joint if its laminated up Its got to be stronger really I think. The only way the wooden frame works is by making the tubes wider and thicker than normal. At last count, Portland had 3 dozen small-scale bike frame builders – everything from Sasha White’s beautiful Vanilla Bikes to Joseph Ahearne’s sturdy and cheerful cycle trucks. So we make laminated bamboo and wooden bikes. A Norfolk joiner who built the world’s first 100 per cent wooden bicycle – even down to the wheels, gears and saddle and had a friend set a world speed record on it, has launched a partially-wooden hybrid for everyday use. Huge slabs of plywood were the frame, the wheels were just wooden discs with small cut-outs. Laminated wood is a much underestimated structural material.

The Wooden Bike That Weighs Less Than 10kg

At the beginning of World War II, John T. Whalen, with Webster E. Janssen of the Janssen Piano Co., Inc., developed this laminated-wood-frame bicycle which was designed to conserve critical materials yet provide essential transportation. Unless you, like this maker, had a mind to build an entire bike frame out of laminated black walnut to which you can install your existing bike’s componentry. The structure of thoughtfully laminated wood ensures that most of the vibrations from a bumpy or cobbled road are absorbed by the Svarog frame, resulting in an enjoyable smoothness of your daily commute. He began using the large wood presses to make bike frames, one side at a time and the stays separately. Savvy’s wood presses provide even pressure on all surfaces of the wood laminate, creating uniform strength and stability in the frame.

Dan Gestoso Rivers’ Boske bike is a beautiful wood cycle inspired by the design of IKEA’s flat-pack kit furniture. The bike’s frame is made from curved laminated wood, and the mechanical pieces (such as the front fork and the seat base) are made of aluminum. The Renovo Bicycle’s are made from hollow wood and laminated bamboo. The frames are fully customizable; hickory for a super stiff ride, while a smooth ride would use laminated bamboo.