Led Glass Shelf Lighting Set (DIY Project Download)

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GLASS SHELF LED LIGHT PCV CLIP SET in Home, Furniture & DIY, Lighting, Light Fittings eBay. Furniture Lighting: LD-SM18 – Specification, Good Quality material, Best Price in our Online Shop. Shelf light set with glass shelf, LED light – For wall mounting, Set consists of:- 1x Light strip profile with LED lights, matt aluminium or polished chrome finish, with clear glass shelf- 1x 240V 12V/5W driver, 1800 mm bare ended mains lead, black plastic.

led glass shelf lighting set 2This clever kit can transform a normal glass shelf into an illuminated one with the clip on U shaped LED profiles. Add on lights are available, up to a maximum of three LED profiles can be run off the power converter included in the kit. Kits include the power converter. Set of four DIY surface mounted, under-shelf LED lights. Recessed or surface mounted under shelf light made from steel and finished in satin chrome, with a frosted glass lens. The LED Shelf is the perfect way to compliment and highlight your decor thanks to its elegant LED lights.

SKU: 110967D Category: Glass Shelving kits. Description. Stunning glass shelf kit, with screws and plugs supplied for fitting to solid brick type walls. Low voltage LED lights contained in the bracket can be turned on or off by a small switch on the end of the bracket. Plastic profile complete with led stripsincluding transformer suitable for glass. shelves set consist: 1 profile led strip price excluding glass. shelf. Note: You will need a controller and power supply to run each set of shelves.

Clip On Led For Glass Shelf

T5 LED Boxed Light Shelf Aluminium and toughened glass shelf with fluorescent t5 fitting inside. Aluminum Extrusion Profile for 6mm Glass Display Shelves Lighting.

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