Lee Valley Wooden Rabbet Plane Review (DIY Project Download)

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Return to Tool Reviews. There has been much debate over the years about the decision by Lee Valley to use more upright handles. Panel raising was easily completed with the aid of an angled wooden face for the fence. Lee Valley makes good tools that rival my favorite tool maker – Lie Nielsen. And it can make a rabbet of almost any size thanks to its adjustable fence. This really is a case where the wooden versions of a plane are superior. One note: much as I love to patronize Tools for Working Wood, the ECE Moving Fillister is available at a lower price at Lee Valley, who are also good folks!.

lee valley wooden rabbet plane review 2I think the low angle Rabbet Block Plane should be your first plane. Lee makes them. If I wanted a left handed skew rabbet plane, I know just where I’d go. I like reviews that say I don’t need this expensive tool! My saws, chisels, and planes haven’t missed a step when it comes to making joinery that my router used to make. 3 Problems Woodworkers Encounter with Rabbet Planes. Do you know of anyone who’s laid hands on or used the hollows and rounds that Lee Valley sells. Shannon do you make your own wood planes for the profiles?

The Detail Rabbet Planes were introduced in February and if you’re like me you probably noticed little blurbs and reviews popping up here and there around the internet. The Detail Rabbet Planes were introduced in February and if you’re like me you probably noticed little blurbs and reviews popping up here and there around the internet. Well thanks to the side table I just finished building, I now feel I can give an honest opinion about this new line of miniature hand planes available at Lee Valley Tools. You may prefer to pick up one at a time depending on the specific needs but I think you’ll find them useful in the wood shop. Over the past year or so Veritas Tools (aka Lee Valley Tools) has brought a fine range of bench planes to market, from the classy Standard Block Plane (see Canadian Woodworking Aug/Sept 2003, Vol. The perfect accompaniment to this plane would be a matching 3/8 rabbet plane. It’s designed for final leveling of large surfaces, and is particularly effective on figured wood or when you’re dealing with grain structure where tear out may occur. Lee Valley Tools offers high-quality woodworking tools (woodturning, wood finishing, sharpening, woodcarving), gardening tools and hardware to woodworkers, cabinetmakers and gardeners. Jack Plane, Veritas BU Jack Rabbet Plane (not shown), Starter Set of Veritas Planes, ). Lee Valley / Veritas Router Plane – Detailed Review.

Planes For The Beginner

lee valley wooden rabbet plane review 3Lee Valley has just released a conversion kit for their small plow plane, which enables the plane to accept wider irons, including cutters that make tongues. The double skate does not offer quite as much support as the solid sole of a traditional rabbet plane, and there is no nicker for cross-grain work, so don’t list your rabbet plane on eBay just yet. Continuing my research I found your article but noticed you qualified your experience for this review to pine or soft wood. I really would like to find a review using the harder materials. Lee Valley carries them (here), at 20 each, or 37 for the pair. The body is some kind of hard wood (the site claims a type of rosewood), and is well finished on the outside. In fact, rabbet and plow planes excluded, these are the first moulding planes I’ve ever used. My review, therefore, is not informed from experience with dozens of planes. This is the Wood Plane Lee Valley, The Best Site of Internet Download Fast and Easy. You will need to bring a small/medium wood or brass headed mallet with you to class. Shoulder, Fillister or Rabbet Plane. The small plow plane from Veritas has quickly made it’s way to the top of my list of favorite tools. The lack of a nicker to score the wood fibers will result in a horribly torn out surface. Joshua shares the various hand planes that you’ll need for getting started in traditional woodworking with hand tools. Examples include rabbet planes, plow planes, shoulder planes, tongue & groove planes, router planes, etc. You can read Chris Schwarz’s review of this new plane here and buy it here.

Detail Rabbet Plane

This specialized rabbet plane is the largest in the Veritas line of shoulder planes.