Light In The Box Website Review (DIY Project Download)

The paintings from Light in the Box are very much photogenic, if you see on eyes directly it looks like bought from dollar store. I feel they have hired one or two guys to write five star review on their website. Consumer Reviews and Complaints about Light in The Box, an online store that ships a variety of items from China to countries throughout the world. Light In The Box’s website is easy to explore and easy to use when placing an order. Light In The Box reviews: Light In The Box products reviews include wedding dresses review, cell phone review, soccer jersey review, digital camera review and so on.

light in the box website review 2To learn more about LightInTheBox, read our review about Light In The Box online store or visit www. That’s why I highly suspect the website might be the reason. Well unlike thousands of other websites in China, actually appears to really ship products. They also claim to accept credit cards and PayPal, but also have a Western Union logo: lightinthebox. I went to LightInTheBox website and tried to find some contact information, but there was nothing useful. I ordered a remote control drone from Light in the Box on 12/5/15.

Light In The Box SCAM Praise, Vent & Warnings. But, a friend has told me that she’s found lots of really bad reviews about them! They are called Milly Bridal who have their own website but operate on ebay as cinderella shop and Landy bridal again have their own website and operate on ebay as asapbridal or landyasap I’m not sure which. They both have had good reviews and I’ve seen pictures of dresses from both. I’m going to order one bridesmaid dress from Light in the box and if it’s good, get the rest Consider buying from the USA as well, much cheaper That’s how I’m getting my wedding dress. I ordered one of my bridesmaid dresses from light in the box.

Is Lightinthebox A Scam?

light in the box website review 3Read the latest user reviews about Light In The Box in United States. Consumer complaints and company contact information. Light in the box is fraudulent website, buyer, beware and avoid at all costs! Light in the Box, found online at, is a company which describes itself as a global online retailer that delivers products directly to their consumers in multiple countries around the world. If you have any experience with this website or their products, please leave your Light In The Box reviews below. I first stumbled across Light In The Box’s website when I was searching for the perfect, affordable wedding dress almost 3 years ago. Thread: Light in the box. Any one used this online wedding dress company?????. My friend bought a wedding dress off there the dress that arrived looked nothing like the one on the website. I agree though the reviews are hit and miss. Realistically, I’ve never had to send anything back to Light in the Box. I’ve read the returns section of the website, though. It looks pretty straight forward. If I ever need to return something, I trust that I can do so quickly without any problems. Copyright 2006-2015 Light In The Box Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Light In The Box Scam

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