Lightbox For Tracing Quilt Patterns (DIY Project Download)

lightbox for tracing quilt patterns 1

A light box is a tool designed for artists and used by quilters and is very simple to use. I find a lite box a must to own and it makes tracing all my designs really easy and quickly done within minutes. I then slip the light box under these over sized patterns, lay my fabric on top and then just trace on with my blue pen or white chalk depending on the fabric. The Porta-Trace Light Box has no hot spots, gives you even, bright light over the top surface, and has a durable stainless steel frame and Plexiglass tracing surface. You can raise the back with the tilt legs so it’s tilted toward you, making it easy to see what you’re drawing.

lightbox for tracing quilt patterns 2Buy LightTracer Light Box at Mom and I use this for our quilting in tracing patterns. I have been wanting a light box for a long time. I finished tracing all of the patterns for the embroidered quilt blocks that I have been wanting to make forever. Reverse Needle Turn Applique by Hand- Using our Trace, Baste, Snip & Stitch Technique. Place on your light box and begin tracing the pattern with your pencil. Once the piece is layered with batting, backing and quilted, you will never see them.

Some ladies in my quilt group have them made out of 2 X 4’s. Daylight A3 size Wafer 2 thin Light Box. AU195.00. Triumph A4 LED Lightbox – Tracing Light Pad with Angle Stand Save 16. Turn off the light box light to check that all lines are traced and connected. We have used it for almost all the quilts in the Generations Quilt Patterns line and have had no marks re-appear in the past eleven years.

Lighttracer Light Box

lightbox for tracing quilt patterns 3Pre-printed patterns are the basis for many embroidery, quilting and sewing projects. And to be honest, I mark designs for machine quilting and not hand quilting, so I guess I’m only sorta old school!. Over the years, I’ve tried sooooo many different methods for marking quilts; some are easy and work well, some are only so-so but still good to have in mind just in case the easier methods don’t work for some reason. Light box: You can print designs any size from your computer, copy (and enlarge or reduce) from quilting books and magazines, or draw your own designs directly on paper, and then use a light box to trace the designs onto the quilt top.

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