Litter Box For Rabbit Cage (DIY Project Download)

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Use a cage large enough to contain a small litterbox (along with bunny’s food and water bows, toys, etc.) and still allow enough room for the rabbit to stretch out. As rabbits become more popular as house pets, litter boxes designed for rabbits have also become more prevalent in the pet supply market. Before purchasing a litter box, make sure your cage and the cage door are big enough to accommodate the box, and bunny’s water and food bowls. Rabbits do not bury the litter tray. This places some of the rabbit’s scent in the box which gives her the idea it’s the right place to toilet.

litter box for rabbit cage 2Of course, it does help to put a hide or box into the cage so bunny can have some privacy. Purchasing a litter box and training your rabbit to use it is very important if you are having your rabbit live indoors. Unfortunately, there are still litter boxes and cages with wire floors out there. The benefit if these is that they are easy to clean and require very little effort on the human’s part. The first step in litter box training your rabbit is to make sure there is a comfortable litter box in your rabbit’s cage. Most rabbits choose a corner in which to do all their bathroom deeds and that is where you will want to put the litter box.

Litter box training works best if you have a play space set up for your rabbit along with her cage. Your rabbit’s cage should be well designed and roomy. Small or large, for one pet or several, our litter pans and pet litter boxes will give your pet a comfortable place to go. All Living Things Super-Absorbent Small Pet Cage Liner. 5.0. If you have large bunnies, there is another great litter box alternative available at most large hardware stores (like HomeDepot or Lowes). Spend as much time as you can with her and when you have to leave, put her back into her cage or enclosure.

How To Set Up A Rabbit Cage: 15 Steps (with Pictures)

How to litter train a rabbit, types of tray and bedding, litter training problems. Rabbits always use one corner of their hutch or cage as a toilet and this makes it very easy to litter train them. For larger rabbits, try finding a plastic underbed storage box or similar – ideally the tray should be at least twice the size of the rabbit. Solid-floored cages work best for owners who wish to train their rabbits to use a litter box. Another common type of cage is made entirely of wire. If your rabbit has bad litter box habits, like Rosie and Jim, read on to find out what might be causing the problem and how to resolve it. Likewise, don’t use the same litter in the tray as in other areas, otherwise there is little distinction between the two and, to your rabbit, it may seem like the whole cage is a litter box. Step 2 Line the small box Litter-training a rabbit is a two-tier process. First, you’ll be training your bunny to use the litter box inside her cage. Line a small litter box with newspaper, and top the newspaper with your chosen rabbit-safe litter. I start by making sure I’ve got bunny using the litter box in his cage first. No one got to run free in my home until they developed reliable potty habits! Luckily rabbits are creatures of habit and normally pick a corner of the cage to use as the designated potty spot. Second thing – put him in his indoor cage and leave him alone.

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Many rabbits take to a litter box very easily; some require a bit more persistence and patience on your part. If your rabbit lives in a cage or pen, set the litter box in the corner that your rabbit has already selected as the bathroom area. Rabbits are quite easy to litter train as they naturally choose one place in their cage to go to the bathroom. You may choose to put the litter box in one of. Once your bunny is consistent with using the box in his cage, then let him out into a small area with multiple litterboxes to choose. He’ll probably pick one he likes, and later you can remove the extras.