Litter Box In Small Apartment (DIY Project Download)

Ewww. i have a studio apartment and unfortunately, due to its bizarre architecture, i have been forced to stick my cat box (a dome) in an isolated corner of the kitchen. I think having one of those little plastic mats near the box to catch the litter and sweeping, using a mini vac, or full on vacuuming daily is the best. Cats are the best, but living with a litter box isn’t exactly an aesthete’s dream. Custom-built litter box box, seen on Modern Cat. Found at Apartment Therapy. They have all of these fancy litter boxes at Petsmart. Does anyone have any suggestions about a good litter box for small apartment on a college student’s budget?.

litter box in small apartment 2My DD is about to downsize to a smaller apartment after living in a house with three roommates. One probelm she is facing is where to put the litter. Living in a small apartment comes with several hazards and the litter box is one of them. There isn’t an out of the way place for it and there’s no extra space to hide it or is there? DIY a cabinet side table into a special hiding spot for your litter box. So, you have a cat, or cats. And you have a small living space. This presents some challenges. Where to hide those litter boxes? Sometimes, we have to think outside the box (pun intended) and this is one of those times.

So, where do you keep your indoor kittys’ litter boxes? My old apartment was very small, and finding a spot for the litter box was tricky. Having a litter box is just part of owning a cat, but when you have company, a litter box becomes an eyesore. From hidden litter boxes to chic cat shelves, Walker offers his top five tips for turning your small-in-size apartment into a major feline-friendly abode.

Small Space

I’m moving into a 500 sq. Foot studio with my cat and have some questions for the cat owners! What would be the best litter box for a small place?. I am now living in a one bedroom apartment that has a very small bathroom. I was wondering what a good place would be for a litter box, for kitty and my comfort? Or if there is any type of litter box. However, chances are you don’t enjoy the smell of the litter box. When living in a small apartment, those fumes can work their way all around your home. Any place we put the crib in the bedroom is near a litter box, within ten feet. (It may be a small apartment, but it’s a great location, almost all utilities paid, etc, a good find in such a rural city. Many people that live in apartments have cats. In order to care for your cat properly, you need a litter box. Litter boxes can take up a lot of space. Who knew picking a spot for a litter box could be so complicated? It isn’t, not really anyways. We have two cats and a really tiny apartment so we put the litter box outside on the back patio.

Where Do You Put Your Litter Box For Indoor Kitties?

Hiding the litter box is especially problematic in a small apartment. Brandy from Bella Pop came up with a great solution: an IKEA STUVA box, with a hole cut in the back for a kitty entrance. Mixing clay and crystal litter for a little while may help cats adjust. I live in a small apartment and was nervous about getting a cat because I knew finding somewhere to inconspicuously hide the litter box would be a challenge. Hides Kitty Litter Mess: Stop wasting time cleaning up litter mess from around your cats litter pan or having to clean up tracked litter from all around your home, apartment or small studio.