Litter Box Solutions For Large Cats (DIY Project Download)

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The Biggest & Best Cat Litter Boxes For Big Cats. I have 3 cats and 6 litter boxes, I have a very large male cat (18 lbs) and originally bought it for him, but all my cats use this box, in fact it is the only box they have been using since I bought it. Help for cat litter box problems, giving common reasons for problems and tips on solving them. In lieu of using a traditional litter box, one can buy a large plastic storage tote either with low enough sides, or cutting down one area so the cats can easily step into and out of the box. Omega Paw Roll’N Clean Cat Litterbox, Large 28.59 42.89.

litter box solutions for large cats 2I had these problems and after trial and error, found a solution. Here’s how you can make your own covered litter box that’s big enough for any size cat and too tall to pee over the edge. I have a very large cat so this is fabulous and half the cost! I have 3 cats that are quite large and a ordinary litter box doesn’t work for us. We don’t recommend using liners, but some people have our litterbox and use the extra large liners. Modify a common plastic box to make a much better litter box than you can buy.quick and easy to do. Place your litterbox on the same floor of the house that kitty spends most of his time, especially if kitty is older.

The single biggest problem I find, at least with my clients, is that they often have an inappropriate location for the litterbox, says John Wright, a certified animal behaviorist and professor of psychology at Mercer University in Macon, Ga. Discover thousands of images about Cat Litter Boxes on Pinterest, a visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas. Most cats, particularly our larger or more overweight friends, cannot comfortably fit in or maneuver in a commercial litter box. The high sides may also make it difficult for older cats or those with arthritis to get in and out of the box.

How To Make Your Own Jumbo Size Covered Cat Litter Box

litter box solutions for large cats 3Keeping your cat’s litter box up to his standards is very important. Cat litterbox furniture from CatsPlay comes in a variety of litter hider styles and allow the unsightly box to be hidden away in decorative cabinets or concealers. Cat Washroom Bench for Large and Electronic Litter Boxes. Litterbox issues are often a primary concern for cat owners. Find a wide selection of Litter pan litterbox & cleanup within our litterbox & cleanup category. (5) reviews for Boots & Barkley Large Framed Cat Pan. Find a wide selection of Hooded litter pan litterbox & cleanup within our litterbox & cleanup catego. (33) reviews for Enclosed Cat Pan XL – Boots & Barkley. Of course I’m painting the problem with a large brush, but you get the idea. Remember, if your cat’s litter box habits aren’t exactly stellar, he is raising a red flag, trying to tell you that all is definitely not right in his world. My 6 year old Inky and his brother, Boo, never cover their waste while using the litterbox, but when the two cats are outside, supervised of course, they do cover their waste.

Top 5 Litterbox Problems Solved

Choose the best automatic cat litter box on this comparison chart. Get an alternative solution as the Forever Tray 2) Place the unit in an area with circulating air 3) scoop the waste compartment. If you have an extra-large cat, get an extra-large litter box so that he or she can maneuver around inside it without having an accident outside the box or peeing over the edge. Every couple of weeks, take the entire litter box and scoop outside and scrub it down with a mild-bleach solution. However, if your cat is having litterbox issues, it would be good to do a side by side comparison of different litter boxes and litters. The litterbox itself is one of the main reasons cats avoid using it. If you have a small box with a hood for a large cat, he will have two alarms that will sound upon entrance and exit from this confined appropriate area.

The roomy crate is large enough even for big male cats who have poor aim. I think this will be a perfect solution.