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Still, as Munsey points out, Bed-Stuy real estate is cheaper than just about any other brownstone-filled neighborhood in Brooklyn. As brokers who live in the neighborhood, we tell new buyers that they have to be a part of the community that your neighbors will take care of you, Leow adds. Check out Lewis Ave for some great resturants, I live one block from the commerical strip and can’t wait to enjoy it in the summer. Bedford Stuyvesant, also referred to as Bed Stuy, is the largest black community in New York City. Seriously though, there are different sections of Bed-Stuy (like most neighborhoods), and things can change pretty drastically from block to block. I do not live in Bed Stuy, but I certainly know people who live there and love it. Anyone interested should really check out a neighborhood for themselves before taking anything on these boards as gospel, especially pronouncements that are so utterly ignorant and 100 dismissive.

living in bed stuy 2Bed-Stuy is a big neighborhood in central Brooklyn with lots of diverse enclaves. Welcome to another edition of Q&A Train, a regular feature that confronts issues around renting, buying, selling and just plain living in New York City. While they were cooped up in cramped Manhattan apartments afraid of Bed-Stuy, many of us in Bed-Stuy were living in beautiful, spacious brownstones. Bed Stuy, One of Brooklyn’s Brownstone Neighborhoods, in Transition. Transportation: Depending on which part of the neighborhood you live in, the area is served by the super fast A and C trains.

This establishment is going to be built in Bed-Stuy, but it’s not for Bed-Stuy, said Community Board 3 member Felicia Alexander, who voted against the liquor license. The majority of those living in bed stuy really dont give a damn about being trendy when they’ve got high rent & bills to pay. It’s in Bedford-Stuyvesant, though, a neighbourhood with quite a reputation. The apartment is on Lexington Avenue, but an exact location or house number isn’t given. Now I live in Bed-Stuy and its whatever. I’ve never had an issue and people are actually pretty friendly most of the time. Despite a downfall in the 1980s, Bed-Stuy is coming back, in all its glory.

Train: What Parts Of Bed-stuy Are Good For Families?

Landmarks are typically buildings of merit, so it may come as a surprise to many that in Bed Stuy there is a living landmark: a magnolia tree. Found a person that has a room avail in BedStuy near 300 block of Tompkins in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, near the A and C trains, pretty near the G. BED STUY BKLYN: Private Living Room & Bedroom, utilities & Wi-Fi incld, Share Kit & Ba. 980/mo, 1st and last mo rent. Owner 718-574-0187. It is based on the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood in the borough of Brooklyn in New York City in the 1980s. Bed-Stuy is where Chris and his family live.

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