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I’m still pissed it took me so long to get the double meaning of Whiskey’s hard to beat in Women Without Whiskey. And the aging married couple whose love and trust in each other is measured by bitch sessions at the kitchen table and a loaded gun in the closet; But in their proximity to each other the lyrics are imbued with meaning, a meaning that is clear even if it can’t be articulated in prose. Highlight lyrics to add Meanings, Special Memories, and Misheard Lyrics.

loaded gun in the closet meaning 2What do the lyrics and music in the song Loaded Gun In The Closet, released by Drive-By Truckers, mean?. Does the meaning relate to any other songs on the album, Decoration Day, or any other songs by Drive-By Truckers?. My Grandaddy’s shotgun is locked in a closetand it never shot a thing that could have livedAn old man decided that you couldn’t choose your poisontill you’re nearly old enough to vote for himThey turned what was into something so disgustingeven wild dogs would disregard the bonesDead fat or rich nobody’s left to bitchabout the goings’ on in self destructive zones. Decoration Day is a rock album released by Drive-By Truckers in 2003. The album was recorded mostly live over two weeks at Chase Park Transduction Studios in Athens, Georgia, and was produced by noted producer and former Sugar bassist David Barbe. This somewhat cryptic title is actually part of a tongue-in-cheek expression — The closer kin, the deeper in.

What did you shoot the place up with? Did with a chopper/choppa. ak-47 ar-15 uzi heaters machine gun choppa. by bay area eric April 14, 2006. Sugar We’re Going Down by Fall Out Boy song meaning, lyric interpretation, video and chart position. As for the reference to watching her from the closet in the second verse, this might literally mean he sees them together from his hiding place. (colloquial) A man who carries or uses a rifle, shotgun or handgun. I’m gun go get da gun from da closet.

Loaded Gun In The Closet By Drive-by Truckers Song Lyric Meanings

loaded gun in the closet meaning 3Is it ok to keep a loaded mag all the time in a locked safe at home?:p Remember what the famous ex-president said: It depends upon what the meaning of the word is means. I took one of my bedroom closets and put a key coded lock on it, now I keep all my magazines loaded and right above my restricted rifles and handguns on the shelf. Border officials have been accused of pointing a loaded gun at a Boy Scout’s head while the child was on a camping trip. The gun was reportedly stolen days earlier from a deputy’s vehicle. A California mother was arrested Tuesday after her 3-year-old daughter pointed a loaded handgun at police. His mother reassures the kid that there is no monster in his closet and tells him to relax. Anyone that leaves a loaded gun where kids can find it deserves removal from society and earns a special place in Hell. Define kid. wytchinghours: A loaded gun sitting on the back seat without a child is a dumb-ass move. Our closet actually had a keyed lock on it and the gun safe also stayed locked but still there was more in our bedroom besides guns that was dangerous like knives. _DJ_: Does the term CATCH-22 hold any particular meaning for you? Miami-Dade County police have arrested a man on culpable negligence charges for leaving a loaded handgun in a closet where a 5-year-old boy picked it up and fatally wounded his sister. According to court records, Armstead pleaded guilty to burglary charges in 2000, but adjudication was withheld, meaning he would not be punished and the case would not be on his record.

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A group of boys hanging at an apartment found a gun Sunday afternoon and one of them ended up dead. A loaded gun in a closet. While in the closet, the kids found a handgun. Rice Owls Embarrassed by Western Kentucky, Give A New Meaning To Ineptitude. Republican lawmaker DUI, 4 kids in car, gun on hip. Look up the words Liberal, Progressive, and Conservative in the dictionary. TSA failed to catch man with loaded gun on airplane.