Lock Rabbet Drawer Joints (DIY Project Download)

If so, a locking joint that combines a rabbet with a dado is the perfect solution. Drawer boxes are a great example of a need for high strength, because they’re stressed twice with each use. My customers like the look of the exposed 9-plys and lock joints, and the painters and customers both love the fact that the drawer boxes need no finishing. The cuts I make with this set-up are the crosscut dado for the box joint, the rabbet for the box joint, and the bottom groove for the drawer bottom. Here, the rabbet’s tongue is cut to fit a dado on the mating part, so the pieces can lock together positively. It’s an ideal joint for building drawer boxes that are covered by a separate drawer face.

lock rabbet drawer joints 2Can you use a 1/4 inch router bit and make lock rabbet drawer joints with one set up? Or is it better to buy a drawer bit made for this purpose. I am putting a drawer into the bottom of the chessboard. I have fussed with the locked-rabbet joint for a while now, and still can’t quite get the fit that I need. Cut a bottom to fit, brush glue into the joint, and assemble. Tags: Drawer Construction, Joinery, locking rabbet joint, router bits, Slot Cutter.

So I would like to use a locking rabbet joint on the drawers. I am using birch ply. My question is will the ply be strong enough for this type of joint? I made up a test piece and it feels fairly strong. This drawer type can have a wide variety of joinery to connect the front to the sides,in this case we are going to use the rabbet dovetail joint. All episodes of the Router Workshop are available to watch online. Since this is so similar to the joint one gets with the ‘drawer lock’ bit, I’m reluctant to purchase one. First is dovetails, and the second is pined rabbet joints.

Lock Rabbet Drawer Joints

lock rabbet drawer joints 3A locking rabbet is going to make a little better drawer. Similar to the drawer lock bits. Easy Joint, Drawer Joint, Woodworking Joinery, Lock Rabbet, Dovetail Joint, Rabbet Drawer. Lock-Rabbet Drawer Joint. 6 Repins 2 Likes Furniture to build. Locked rabbet drawer joints fasten the front of a drawer securely to the sides. They may be made on a table saw with a dado blade or with a router mounted in a table with the bit shown below. The thicker piece of wood in this picture is the drawer front while the thinner piece is the drawer side. The advantage of this type of joint in this particular application, i.

Strength Of Locking Rabbet Joint