Lock Rabbet Drawer Joints Router (DIY Project Download)

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Tags: Drawer Construction, Joinery, locking rabbet joint, router bits, Slot Cutter. A lock-rabbet joint, while not as strong as a dovetail joint, is still a strong, attractive and relatively easy joint to make. It can be made on either a table saw or router table. Whether you’re building boxes, drawers or casework, these four sturdy and self-aligning rabbet joints sure come in handy. An overlap rabbet joint consists of one rabbet with a tongue that’s long enough to cover the thickness of the mating part. Then, lock the parts with brads to strengthen the glue bond and form a mechanical connection. The shelving rabbets will fit together nicely and tight, as good as, if not better than, similar joints cut out by undersized router bits.

lock rabbet drawer joints router 2Lock Rabbet Drawer Joinery. Here’s a router-made drawer joint that’s quick, simple and self-aligning. By Randy Johnson. Locking rabbet joint via a lock miter (router bit) This is really clever – never seen this before. Does anyone have any experience with a drawer locking router bit?

Posts about lock rabbet joint written by Venkat Narayanan. My customers like the look of the exposed 9-plys and lock joints, and the painters and customers both love the fact that the drawer boxes need no finishing. The cuts I make with this set-up are the crosscut dado for the box joint, the rabbet for the box joint, and the bottom groove for the drawer bottom. The tool used was a little different though, a dedicated table top router jig permanently held a dedicated router with 1/4 slot cutter. Locked rabbet drawer joints fasten the front of a drawer securely to the sides. They may be made on a table saw with a dado blade or with a router mounted in a table with the bit shown below.

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lock rabbet drawer joints router 3I am putting a drawer into the bottom of the chessboard. I have fussed with the locked-rabbet joint for a while now, and still can’t quite get the fit that I need. Cut the two pieces horizontally (yes, horizontally) on the router table.

Lock Rabbet Joint