Lockwood Panic Exit Device (DIY Project Download)

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The Lockwood 9500/9600 Rim Type Panic Exit Device is specifically designed to be used in conjunction with the Lockwood 3572 High Security Cylinder Mortice Lock and Lockwood 1800/2800 Series Brass Door Furniture. Lockwood Panic Bar 9400EOSIL Vertical Rod Exit Only Fire Rated Suits 1200mm Door in Home & Garden, Home Improvement, Building & Hardware eBay. The Lockwood 9000/9100 Electromechanical Rim Type Panic Exit Device is designed for locking of emergency exits in accordance with BCA Standards D2 -21 (d) for Egress, Fire and Safety Regulations for Public Buildings.

lockwood panic exit device 29000 Series Panic Exit Devices. Lockwood Res Lock Bodies. The Lockwood 9000 Series Panic Exit Devices are commonly found in industrial and commercial establishments where emergency exits are necessary for safety. See Digital Door Hardware for our mechanical door locking solutions, including panic exit devices. Call us for more information.

Lockwood 9000 Series Rim Type Panic Exit Device. 809000EOSIL. 809100EOSIL. Lockwood 9100 Series Rim Type Panic Exit Device. 809100EOSIL. 809300EOSIL. Lockwood 9300 Series Vertical Type Panic Exit Device. 809300EOSIL. Lockwood Panic exit devices in accordance with BCA (building codes of Australia) and all applicable fire and safety code requirements. Used in conjunction with a Lockwood 3572 mortice lock for single or double doors. Description. The 9300/9400 Series of Exit Devices have been Designed to allow a quick, safe and effortless way of escape at all times by simply pushing the Horizontal Bar that is the full width of the Door. Some Features of these Devices are:.

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