Lt70 Wood Mizer (DIY Project Download)

Meets High Production Demands. The Wood-Mizer LT70 is for the sawyer that demands high production every day. The LT70 features the most advanced log handling system available plus standard LubeMizer, Auto-Clutch, Debarker, Accuset 2 Setworks, and complete set of fineadjustable outriggers. The Wood-Mizer LT70 sawmill is a high production, professional sawmilling solution to meet and exceed the demands of the modern sawmilling enterprise. Wood-Mizer’s LT40 and LT70 Remote integrated sawmill systems give you everything you need to process logs into finished boards more profitably with minimal expense and labour.

lt70 wood mizer 2Woodmizer LT 70 Portable Sawmill 2004 9000 hours 62 hp diesel Cat engine replaced at 6k hours Fully hydraulic Debarker 2004 EG200 2 blade edger 6500 hours on edger 27 hp Kohler 10′ roller at end of edger 17′ 2 strand log deck 50′ of 10′ section rollers 2 slab decks 1 lumber rack Banding tools and cart Spare parts and blades Sawmill w/o edger 30,000. Galvanized by current market conditions, Wood-Mizer has relaunched its remote-controlled LT70 semi-industrial band sawmill with major enhancements. Timber Wolf Blades for Wood-Mizer LT70 – LT300. What are you cutting? Please click on a category to view products. Green Hardwood Logs.

SM-010642 WOOD-MIZER LT-70 PORTABLE SAWMILL. WOODMIZER LT 70 Portable Sawmill; Woodmizer LT70 Powered by a 35 HP Kubota diesel engin. I have decided to upgrade my sawmill. I am offering my used 2007 LT70 walk behind. Its in good shape. Never seen a drop of rain. Always inside. The LT70 Series has been designed to meet the demands of the modern log processing plant. The head is constructed to be exceptionally durable and dependable and features 600mm blade wheels and roller double block guides.

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lt70 wood mizer 3What year, accessories, condition, ect. Check with woodmizer and they will give you a ballpark to work with. The lowest price that I have seen on a LT-70 was 25,000 and it was in sad shape.