Luthier Tonewoods (DIY Project Download)

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Bow River Specialty Woods supplying all your to lutherie needs, figured hardwoods, quality softwood tonewoods, structural and decorative parts for stringed instruments of all varieties. Luthier supply company providing tonewoods & luthier tools. Tonewood products offered include soundboards, back & side sets, linings & braces, necks & parts, fingerboards, bindings & bridges. At Luthiers Mercantile International we offer over 40 species of wood for use in the construction of stringed instruments. We hear the term alternative tonewood bandied about quite often and are fond of it ourselves, but what exactly does it mean? Alternative to what, and why?If you walk into a guitar store, chances are you’ll see a variety of wood grains on the instruments displayed there.

luthier tonewoods 2As the quality of the luthier’s instruments goes up, the tonal difference between the instruments goes down. Alternative wood can also be cheaper and more accessible than standard tonewood. When evaluating tonewoods, luthiers must take into account a wide variety of factors, some of which can be inscrutably subtle, and most of which are likely to vary in priority from one luthier to another. Madagascar Rosewood guitar sets and tonewoods available at Colonial Tonewoods.

We are direct producers of spruce and maple tonewoods. I recognize that each luthier has specific characteristics they are looking for and welcome your call to discuss your individual requirements. Tonewood Supplier: Bois de lutherie Aigrisse, Tonewood company of research and curly maple cutting up intended for the Stringed-instrument trade, suggest 1000 pieces of choice superior from 1 to 10 years of age in Violin Cello Viola are available and visible one by one on line on our site. Tonewood tonholz france propose des bois de lutherie de trs grande qualit tels que les rables onds et picas.

The Heretic’s Guide To Alternative Lutherie Woods

The following page represnents a sample of tonewoods available for purchase on his custom guitars. Tonewoods for guitar builders and luthiers are available in Qld maple, camphor laurel, African mahogany, New guinea rosewood, Bunya pine and huon pine and more. African Blackwood is Dense, Hard, Heavy, and very rare. It is known as one of the ultimate tonewoods by Luthiers and Woodwind Makers alike for its brilliance, volume, and power. Tonewood Descriptions. Here you can find photos of some of the tonewoods we’re presently using in shop, and brief summaries of their physical and acoustical characteristics.

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