Mac Tool Box Drawer Repair (DIY Project Download)

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Snagged this old Mac toolbox off my buddies dad for free a couple weeks ago. The metal guides on the drawers are worn out on a few of them. Mac Tools provides a wide range of tool boxes, tool chests, and utility carts that are designed specifically for professional clients who need to keep their tools well organized and readily accessible, allowing them to work more quickly and precisely in fast-paced garages. Find great deals on eBay for Toolbox Drawer Slides in Other Automotive Tool Storage. These fit all craftsman tool boxes and replace the older style as well.

mac tool box drawer repair 2Find great deals on eBay for Mac Tool Box in Other Automotive Tool Storage. Shop with confidence. How to Repair Old Matco Tools Boxes. My MAC MB1700 toolbox has worn drawer detents ( the things that keep the drawers closed if you roll the box around) they are little plastic parts. Does anyone know if someone else is making the repair parts. Older Mac Tool Box General Tool Discussion. Well if you all can help me locate the entire lock assembly and the stops for the drawer slides. I do need a single set of slides but can manage without them, Josh. Dunno if you are looking to replace just a couple or all of them.

I have an older MAC toolbox with Accuride drawer slides. Yes, I know, I should be able to specify replacements from that, but I don’t wanna end up. Hey guys, I just picked up a used old MAC toolbox for almost nothing. It’s the type that has a rod that goes to the back of the box and lifts another bar to open the drawers. Does anyone know where I can a new lock or how I can get parts to repair it? No matter what you’re driving, we have the ideal Vintage Mac Tool Box for your car. Vintage 1970s Mac Tools Tool Chest With Drawer Box 8 Drawer Bottom And Tools.

Mac Tool Box

mac tool box drawer repair 3Don’t forget to check out used tool boxes, I got this Snap on KRL1001 for 2500 from a local online ad. The earlier Mac work station type boxes had the large drawer that goes all the way across the box on the bottem and when the upper drawer’s were loaded they would sag. The locks used in these types of applications (desk drawers, cabinets etc) are really cheap and super easy to pick. I had a horrible time trying to get Mac to replace a bad ratchet. Matco tool boxes come with the drawers already set up in a particular order. Mac Tools Macsimizer Tool Box Specs. We offer a wide variety of Vintage Mac Tool Box for your automobile requirements. Vintage 1970s Mac Tools Tool Chest With Drawer Box 8 Drawer Bottom And Tools. So after looking at the box trucks, Snap on, Matco, Cornwell, and Mac they all wanted 5k or more for a toolbox of this caliber. So I was trying to find a good replacement, and after a lot of research I found this Extreme Tools toolbox, it looked great, reviewed great, so I figured its only 1,400 dollars why not try. Mac Tools introduces the Macsimizer Power Drawer Tool Box, No. MB7432. The Macsimzer Power Drawer toolbox is complete with a power drawer to store and charge cordless power tools, and a laptop drawer. Product Guide. SEARCH. Air Conditioning (A/C) Repair Service.

Anybody Know A Source For Toolbox Drawer Slides?

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