Magnetic Closet Door Light Switch (DIY Project Download)

Eliminate fumbling around for a light switch in a dark closet with this compact unit that fits inside a junction box and automatically activates your closet light when the door is opened. For example, door jam switches, magnetic switches, ball switches, etc. I would like to install door jamb switches in them. I think a Magnetic switch would be a lot nicer because you could flush mount it, but the only one I can find is for alarm systems.

magnetic closet door light switch 2This instructable uses a magnetic (reed) switch connected to a door to turn a battery-operated light on when the door is open, and off when the door is closed again. Find great deals on eBay for Closet Door Light Switch in Refrigerator and Freezer Parts. LED Night Light Magnetic Strip Lights Bar Wireless Motion Detector Sensor Closet. Door open lightswitch for sliding closet doors. When the magnet is close enough, it pulls the reed in the switch out of its normal position.

This is another popular contact for the closet light relay. Simply drill a 3/8 hole in the door and jam, put the magnet in the door and the contact in the door jam. I found may different options for a Hands Free Closet Door light switch but have never considered Magnetic Switches until I saw this article. Use this CSA listed Gardner Bende Single-Pole AC or DC Push Button Door Switch to control lighting with the opening and closing of a door. Yes, but switch and wiring will be exposed inside of closet or pantry.

Magnetic Switch Led Closet Light

The magnetic switch is a wonder tool for designers who would like to turn a circuit on and off based on proximity. The light will probably draw less than an amp so I will get small 1-5 amp fuse. I could run a solid hot wire to the power, then break the ground with the magnet in a closet, or gun safe, and when the door is opened (magnet separated) the light would come on. Having the light turn on when you open the closet door is a bright idea. Magnetic switches, whether recessed or not, require a second part connected to the door. Another type of automatic light switch for your closet is a magnetic switch that is installed right in the door jamb. When the closet door handles are turned and the door is opened the light is activated by the magnetic switch. Inspired LED’s magnetic switch is used to automatically turn your LED lights on and off by opening and closing a door. I’m collecting cool magnet projects for an upcoming blog. I have to instal 2 door jamb switches in a a custom new construction house for the master bedroom closets. There is line power in each closet in a j-box, with a load wire stubbed out at the light location.

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The CLC106 Closet Light Controller is designed to turn on the closet light when you open the closet door and turn off the light when you close the door. Product Description. The ACLCMAGSM is a magnetic switch that is paired with a controller to automatically turn your closet lights on when you open the door, and back off again when you close it, saving you time and energy. Other Price Comparison, such as Lights & Lighting Price, Switches. Closet Door Opens, Lights On, Shut door, Light off Electrical and Wiring. Electric Door Light Switch 600 Watt – Rockler Woodworking Tools. This way the voltage to the magnetic switch is only 6 volts, but it controls the 110 volt light via the relay.

I have a closet in my room where I keep my. I’d use the magnet and the reed switch from a GE washer for a switch, but that’s what I have. Page 1 of 2 – Controlling closet door light with door motion – posted in Home Automation: For years, I used this switch. All I did was mount the switch above the door and run the hot wire to the flourescent light fixture thru the switch. Maybe a magnetic switch with the magnet embedded in the door. Reed and Hall devices are used in our magnetic switches and sensors for linear, piston cylinder and coded defeat resistant position sensing. Our magnetic switches can be used in hands free operation of closet lights, etc. They can be found on compactors, elevators, factory automation equipment, semiconductor fabrication equipment, closet doors, trucks, and many other equipment applications. Extend the life of your switches and reduce costly downtime for equipment maintenance by using a quality built MagneLink switch.