Make A Countertop Desk (DIY Project Download)

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They also sell solid wood counter tops, called Pronomen that come in many widths and lengths, so that you can make your desk as big as you want. See more about Study Rooms, Countertops and Desks. Great DIY Desks: Make your own desk with IKEA Countertops and Legs Apartment Therapy. – Countertop Desk design ideas and photos.

make a countertop desk 2When Amanda and I bought a house we were excited to have an office space where I could write posts and work on electronic projects, she could make reeds (as all Bassoon players do), and we both cou. DIY Adjustable Standing Desk from Steel Pipe & Ikea Countertop. With a new office to call home, I started the process of making a cool creative space to spend most of my time in. I was determined to keep our countertops clean in our new kitchen. Which meant I had to create a space that would hold it all and act as our drop zone! The idea of a kitchen desk seemed like the perfect spot. I thought it would make the perfect top for the desk.

And add a wall of built-in cabinetry (and eventually a custom desk) so it looks closer to this: Using nothing but. Last time I showed it to you, Andy had built the boxes that will make up the cabinets on that wall: That is the inside of someone else’s garage. My requirements are simple but make an off-the-self desk a poor solution:. Make sure your pieces are flush going across the entire 10 foot desk. We laid out first at Lowe’s so we wouldn’t have any surprise ridges when we got home!. I have the original counter top, but there is a sink cut out in it.

Built-in Desk Is Better Than Anything We Could Buy

make a countertop desk 3So when Daniel realized the lack of stand-up desk options out there and started talking about the possibility of building our own desks for the new office, I jumped at the chance. By separating the two countertops a few inches, we could create a channel in which to mount outlets and stow power bricks. How to Remove Stains From Plastic Laminate Countertops. Desk by Tom Geisler is made from two IKEA butcher block counter tops. shows you how to combine wall cabinets and a butcher-block countertop to create a desk with storage.

Counter Top Options For A Desk And Office: Hardwood, Corian Or Plywood