Make A Wooden Rabbet Plane (DIY Project Download)

It is all wood with the exception of the blade which is easily gotten from Lie-Nielsen here. I am hoping to start making a few rabbet planes but I haven’t settled on the best method for cutting the conical area. The mortise for this plane is a little harder to make than side escapement planes since it is fully visible on both ends. I am currently doing the research to make my own set of wooden planes and these blogs have been very helpful, particularly the pictures. It still works, but I think I’ll be making myself a rabbet plane soon.

make a wooden rabbet plane 2Prior to this a rabbet plane was a wooden bodied plane that could have either a skewed or straight iron with a side escapement. By today’s standards of what a shoulder plane is I consider it to be a very different beast from a rabbet plane. My very own handmade wooden rebate plane. GREAT FUN and a very useful tool. It is astonishing how easily you can make a good plane just using just a srcap of wood and old chisel. This makes a shoulder plane great for trimming shoulders, and of course the low angle bed is hard to make in wood. The wooden rabbet plane is designed for making and tuning rabbets so a slightly wider mouth for a thicker shaving and a higher bed angle for planing tricky grain is more useful.

If your rabbet plane doesn’t ride in a gauge line, you have to deepen the line with a chisel or something until your plane will register there. You can buy wooden rabbet planes brand new. I ordered a rabbet plane to replace one of the functions of my router, but it won’t be here for a few weeks. In the meantime, I can make one out of some scrap wood and a chisel. Because using a rabbet plane to do it is more fun, and just about as fast. It is so much better than my Grandfathers old wooden moving fillister that I have retired that 100 year old plane to the display cabinet.

Shoulder Planes?

lee valley wooden rabbet plane review 3Follow along with this simple (and free!) step-by-step tutorial to learn how to make a rabbet joint using hand tools. At the moment, I have no skew rabbet plane. Instead of a pile of wood shavings, you’ll have a nice little off-cut and a perfectly formed rabbet. Some background: I have been interested in hand tools and wooden planes in particular for about 10 years. Most rabbet planes have skewed blades which makes them perform much better when planing cross-grain, similar to skewing a hand plane. Some rabbet planes also have a spur that is lowered when the rabbet is cut across the grain. This eliminates tearout, as the spur slices the wood fibers to be planed before the plane iron reaches them. A skew rabbet tends to pull toward the board, so it’s nice to use with some sort of fence or batten, but very hard to control freehand. I decided to make the plane out of a piece of quartersawn jatoba I had. Traditional Wooden Spokeshave Use & Care Instructions. I used my skewed rabbet plane to make the grooves and cleaned it up with a chisel plane.

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The rabbet plane (also called rebate plane) is designed for cutting rebates in wood. They are intended for cutting along the grain. A chisel plane is a rabbet plane with the blade at the front for cutting into corners.