Make Bookcases Look Built In (DIY Project Download)

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IKEA makes them in different heights and also with an extender unit, so you can get a built-in look even without attaching things to the wall. How to make IKEA Billy bookcases look like built-ins! With a little effort you can also make that pre-fabricated IKEA bookcase look like it was custom-built especially for your home.

make bookcases look built in 2There’s just something about their tidy finished look, sturdy structure, and decorative details that make built-ins swoon-worthy. But of course, like most things on our someday list, they’re not exactly cheap to install. I’ve wanted a wall of built in bookcases for years, people, years! Can t wait to see how you style this! I have a wall of Billys in my dining room and it s always a challenge to keep them useful AND beautiful! I m showing this post to my husband, who would like to make them look more built in. The inexpensive shelves fake the look of real built-ins with the addition of molding and pretty fabric fronts. Been drooling over pictures of mudrooms with handy built-in shelving units? Better Homes and Gardens is at your service, with details on how you can use in-stock Ikea shelving to make these amazing mudroom lockers for only 324!.

Built in billy bookcase ideas. There are some wonderful projects out there of built in Billy bookcase ideas, taking Billy bookcases from Ikea and creating a built-in bookcase look, using moldings and trims. This blog couple from Newlywed McGees also did built in Billys, but more of a free standing look. Adding the crown molding and additional molding makes a world of difference in these plain white bookcases. To get a truly built-in look, this was going to take someone who knew what they were doing. Knowing we would be mounting a 10′ sliding library ladder to the top of the bookcase, I reinforced the top structure by making a rectangular box crown that was fastened to all available wall studs in order to give the ladder a solid foundation. How To Make IKEA Bookcases Look Not IKEA: We went with 3 IKEA Billy Bookcases and used moulding to make them look like one, big piece. I emailed Parker the link to Kristin’s from Bliss at Home and Gwen’s from The Makerista own version of the Billy Bookcases built in look but he said he didn’t want to take it that far in a rental.

Ikea Built-in Ideas

built in bookcases uk 3Built in bookcases and Ikea Bill Bookcases. Want the look of these wonderful built ins, but want them on a budget? This bookcase makes the most of the corner and creates a perfect spot for a connecting window seat. – Make Built-In Bookcase design ideas and photos. Surround the bookcase with a range of warm neutrals for a cosy and sophisticated look. By using pre-drilled melamine laminated boards and pre-built cabinets from the local home store, we were able to build them with a minimum of tools, and get a perfect fit to the room. Look for the method of trim off alittle to get it flush. 8’6 walls in this house makes for a lot of that. I’m always amazed, but built-ins like this seem to make a room look and feel bigger and grander. Create the library of your dreams in the living room of your reality with simple tips for building and decorating built-in shelves. The glass doors made them look like a piece of dining room furniture.

Den Project: Built In Billy Bookcase Ideas

If you like the look of built-in bookcases, but not the look of the bill from the contractor who installs them, you can build them yourself with some basic carpentry skills and some modified pre-made cabinets. If you have any experience with built-ins or using basic materials to make things that look professionally crafted, let’s hear about it in the comments. Image above: A bookcase doesn’t have to be sparse to look stylish. The large size of the shelves make it perfect for displaying large objects amongst the books.