Make Cigarette Box Amp (DIY Project Download)

Some of the advantages of the C.B. Gitty kit is that it has everything you need to make an amp. All the wires are neatly labeled so you don’t have to worry about reading a diagram, and it has a gain pot that can be adjusted with a screwdriver to give your amp a dirty tone. I tend to use old book-shelf stereo speakers in cigar box amps. After a little effort and experimenting I finally built a low noise amp that works wonderfully. How about a list of decent kits available for building mini amps, or any decent amp kit. It is fun to make the amps and there are higher wattage (5-10) amp kits out there, but they go for 20-35 each, plus shipping-just for the amp module.

make cigarette box amp 2This is a group for home made guitar amps. Effectively, using a 6 ohm speaker on the 8 ohm module will make the output section of the amp draw more current, resulting in more heat dissipation in the components, especially if there is a transistor. A Smokey Amp is a guitar amp that fits inside a used cigarette case. Not being a smoker (never will be) and instead being a DIY-er, I set out to figure out how to make my own. Posted in Featured, Where do you take your Smokey Amp?Leave a comment Smokey demo with Marshall cabinet.

Made from real cigar boxes and old radios. tried out my amp today. cool tone.sounds like a tube. amp. i actually took it out of the box. Pick Your Amp Box Here and I’ll Make It For You!

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