Make Closet Into Gun Safe (DIY Project Download)

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It has a closet we use for nothing, and have no plans for this got me to thinking. Why not try to convert it to a safe of sorts? its 24 deep, 45 wide (34 at the door), and ofcourse is the hieght of the room (8′) adding shelving, and a lockable door of sorts to go behind the regular closet door would solve my issues and give me more storage than I believe I would ever use. He turned an un-used closet into a gun locker by putting a keyed dead bolt lock on the door. These safe doors typically install similar to a regular door. If there is room to make it open into the closet, verses out into the room, it will make it harder to cut the bolt on the lock. Build a closet gun safe vault in a closet or pantry.

make closet into gun safe 2Seems like for a fairly reasonable budget, I could just as easily turn a utility closet into a gun cabinet and have just as much or more security, with far more space, and at the same time, have a place for my guns that doesn’t immediately scream STEAL ME. This sounds like most of my DIY projects. I will spend 1,000 doing it myself when I could have bought a safe for 600. There is no way to install a door behind that that swings out into the room you are standing in. If it swings into the closet, you will lose most of your storage capacity. I’m going to build it out like the inside of a nice gun-safe, all fancy and pretty.

My dad and I are going to be under going a project of converting a good sized closet into a fireproof gun safe, has anyone else here done this? However, we recommend that for home safes and security vaults that store important paperwork, you should first put important papers in a fire resistant document box, like the SnapSafe Fire Box, and then put the box in the safe for extra protection. The SnapSafe Titan and Little Titan turn any closet into a hidden security vault. I am giving serious thought to turning a closet into a gun safe or building one inside a larger closet. It would need to hold about 20 long guns plus hand guns.

Turning A Closet Into A Safe

make closet into gun safe 3:devil1: Just so we can keep our minds creative lets convert a walk-in closet in a spare bedroom into a walk-in gun vault. I have yet to see a safe that was large enough that I felt it could house everything with room to grow. Do you think you will have any extra time in a fire like a safe would provide? RhinoVault designs and builds safes,vaults,gun vaults, gun rooms, security vaults,hidden vaults, secret rooms. If you are a homeowner or builder and are looking for a secure area for your upcoming build or existing home this system may be the answer for you. Turning an existing room or closet into a safe room, security vault, or gun closet is possible by using modular steel panels that are assembled from the inside of the room with not welding. I couldn’t utilize the corner part of the L. He was law enforcement and wanted to turn that space into a gun safe room. My initial design called for a three section closet with a tower for shoes and folded items in the middle and hanging space on each side. After reading a lot of threads on various forums regarding safes, gun safes, vaults, etc. Some as little as putting a steel door with deadbolts in place of a normal hollow core closet door, all the way to building a cement block room in an existing basement. I was wondering if anyone has converted an extra closet into a walk in safe, or built a room in an existing home basement or backyard in order to safely store guns and/or valuables. There are companies that make doors that fit into closets that are like little safes. There are also people who hide the closet behind a bookcase with secret switches that open the case.

Building Gun

I am looking at building a gun safe and was hoping to get some ideas of what to include in it. How about the cheap method of turning a closet into a secure storage room. Gun Safe before and after pictures using Rifle Rods and Handgun Hangers. As long as they are far enough into the barrel (as stated in the instructions) they are very stable right up through my 38/55. The guns were stored in a small homemade gun cabinet and closets around the house. How about setting that walmart gunsafe inside your closet. Absorbs up to 200 foot area space should work great in a bedroom or closet, dog friendly too as they can’t get into them. To make it buglar proof go get wire cage mesh with as small a mesh as possible such as the 1/2 x1 16ga. I have a small closet in an upstairs office that I thought about securing for storing weapons. After looking at a few gun safes and their price tags,. If a thief can get into your house, what makes you think they won’t get into your closet. I’d say get the safe, and make it some sort of ‘built in’ wherever you put it.

ProSteel Security Products – Makers of Browning ProSteel Gun Safes and ProSteel Vault Doors, Security Doors, and Tornado Doors. Check out the ProSteel Vanguard Security and Tornado Door and see how industry leading Security, Appearance, Fire protection and Ease-of-use features make ProSteel doors the ones that keep you SAFE. FM had been eying that space up for a walk-in gun safe because he would only have to build two new walls. Being the cheap savvy DIYers that we are we decided to build one instead. We needed four guys to move it into place but moving it was surprisingly fast. I bet my wife would fall down if I mentioned a walk-in gun closet. 602418 Closet Gun Safe Made right here in the USA, the Fort Knox Maverick 602418 Closet Gun Safe is a top quality safe for a very decent price. The safe with its maximum 24 long gun interior will still fit into a closet for additional security. A high quality Browning Safe can make sure that your collection is safe and protected no.