Make Closet Under Stairs (DIY Project Download)

We’ll be building a closet under the upper stairs that can access the area under the lower stairs. We’ll drywall it in and put a door on the front. How to build built in shelving in closet under the stairs. Space under the stairs is easy to ignore because it’s so well hidden.

make closet under stairs 2If you’re short on storage space (and who isn’t?), it’s time to think outside the closet. Hiding throughout your home are steal. Here are 25 you can make yourself from recycled items. 12 Genius Ways To Fill That Awkward Space Under The Stairs (PHOTOS). And when the kids grow up, you can trade the quaint details for a large closet door and make it a space for storage. How to Build a Closet Under a Staircase. Placing a closet underneath a set of stairs is a functional way to make use of existing floor space that probably does not get used often.

The area beneath them is often completely unused, or else squandered on a narrow, poorly designed closet. A single large drawer or several smaller ones stacked on top of each other can provide lots of storage in the low space at the foot of the stairs. But remodelers need creativity to utilize the space under stairs. It can be awkward to reach items in the narrower end of a closet in this location, so under-stair storage is almost always custom-built. Hi there AT! When a realtor first showed us the townhome we now live in, we thought the funky space under the stairs was really cool. Well, a year later with us relatively settled (although still picking out paint colors so please forgive the hideously bland walls in the photos), we aren’t finding that space so cool any more.

Under Stair Storage

There are various methods to take advantage of the space under the stairs in a rational way. Often in the understairs space we are used to leave, temporarily various things, from the bucket mop for washing floors on a chair that becomes a table top for anything that you do not know where to. When storage space is at a premium, you must make the most of every nook and cranny — including any open space beneath the stairs. If your home isn’t already equipped with a Harry-Potter-style. If you’re thinking of giving your under stair area a makeover, you should try to get creative. Mirrored cupboard doors create the illusion of space. We recently finished out a walk in storage closet under the stairs of one of our clients home. I gathered 12 ways to utilize under stairs space that can make a huge difference in your home. One of the possibilities is to have a secret space under the staircase. It could be accessed via a camouflaged door concealed by stripes or a different pattern. We turned an under utilized storage space under our basement staircase into a cozy reading nook.

How To Build New Storage Under Your Stairs

1. You can choose to build stairs without railing. 2. If you put up walls first, before you place the stairs. 3. Shelving under the stairs is objects you can download. If so, is there a big closet under the stairs? If so, what are you doing with it?Chances are, you’re doing the obvious and storing things there. Make sure the doorknob is a dummy so no one gets locked inside. – Wine cellar.