Make Cupboard Under Stairs (DIY Project Download)

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If you don’t have a router you can use ready made mouldings and glue them on. Workshop storage cabinetsby dezine. Line shelves with bright shelf paper and paint a bright color to make it appear larger. Under our basement steps I could make the reading nook for the kids!

make cupboard under stairs 2One of these 25 clever under stairs storage ideas can help you optimize that leftover space and turn it into usable storage space. 40 under stairs storage space and shelf ideas to maximize your interiors in style. Storage spaces and stunning shelves under staircases are no longer an exception as home owners are starting to realize that all that room cannot simply be wasted. Image number no.5 containing that nice understairs furniture is our favorite. Space under the stairs can be put to productive use rather than being dead space. If the space is large enough, consider adding a linen cupboard space to one end and use the rest of the space for clothing, shoes, etc.

12 Genius Ways To Fill That Awkward Space Under The Stairs (PHOTOS). Kick it classroom style and make a place for all the things that would otherwise end up strewn throughout the entryway. Open shelving built into the space under the stairs provides a unique way to showcase just about anything you like. Combination: You’re not limited to any single storage solution; instead, use a combination of shelves, cabinets, drawers, and other features to suit your needs.

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12 Genius Ways To Fill That Awkward Space Under The Stairs (photos)