Make Metal Garage Door Look Wood (DIY Project Download)

Faux Painted Metal GARAGE DOORS to look like wood doors. How to Paint Steel Garage Doors to Look Like Wood. When the first coat is dry, use the same technique to apply a second coat of cherry, mahogany or walnut, dragging the brush over the panels to create the wood grain effect, allowing streaks or lines from the first coat to show through. Garage Door Gorgeous: Faux Wood Painting to the Rescue! We used photos of her trip to Europe to inspire us to create a new faux wood look on her garage door to warm it up and blend it in to the rest of the house. Another idea: we didn’t have time on this project, but another great way to add to the wood look of the newly painted garage door is to add black metal brackets and detailing to the sides of it like you see on expensive wood doors.

make metal garage door look wood 2Faux painting your metal doors to simulate natural wood can give them charming character and a welcoming ambiance. Create the look of a wooden door with faux painting techniques. Position the door horizontally over sawhorses or a large work table in a garage, outdoors or other work area. Here is how to paint your metal garage door to look like a wooden door. First you will need to read the article on ‘How to paint your garage door’ before you attempt this project as it has important. I’ve always loved the look of rustic wood doors, stained dark with wrought iron hinges, clavos (decorative nail heads) and ornate handles. The garage doors of the suburban tract homes in my neighborhood are painted aluminum which I’ve been dying to redo since I started faux painting garage doors years and years ago. Plus the metal door is already embossed with a wood grain texture which helps create the look without having to do traditional wood-graining or faux bois. Until the day we can afford to make the investment in a beautiful real wood door, this faux painted door will do just fine.

Garage Door Makeover with Stain to Create a Faux Wood Effect. They have the same look as real carriage doors but use steel panels and raise up and down with an automatic opener in most cases. With the right sorts of stains, you can even make that metal door look like wood. Gel stains are the best alternatives for metal because they stay put and won’t slide or globule up the way that fluid stains will. Learn how to mimic the look of a solid wood door using a handy tool and this faux wood grain technique. I chose the orange color because my goal was to create a cedar/cherry wood look. The same technique can be used for metal garage doors.

Technique For Faux Wood Painting Metal Doors

Most garage doors are stamped to look like wood grain even though they are metal. You will want to make sure you follow the instructions on the can of wood stain for metal or aluminum. Make sure to pick an exterior, non yellowing polyurethane clear coat. Metal garage doors are common. You can make yours look different and more expensive by painting them so they look like wood. Most garage doors are made of either steel or wood, but there are other options worth considering. Vinyl also stands up well to salt air, making these doors a good option in coastal communities. Want to achieve that custom look and get curb appeal without replacing your garage door? I make my own glazing and have the details as well as paint tips over on my blog. Garage Door Services of USA makes it easy for you to make a choice for your new or replacement garage door. Manufactured on insulated steel and built to your specification, our trim doors offer any custom look you can imagine at a fraction of the cost of full wood door. Includes information on costs, steel and wood garage doors, and more. For a sleek, translucent contemporary look, aluminum framed doors with opaque glass panels are hard to beat. Some local dealers sell only one manufacturer’s garage doors; others sell a variety of makes.

Pimp Your Garage Door With These Diy Makeover Ideas

Carriage House Steel Garage Door Models offer the look of swinging stable doors with the durability of steel. Garage Door Models with full-view glass are a perfect choice and can make a dramatic statement. Our Model 9800 uses the Accugrain technology of Therma-Tru to create a natural-looking wood-grain fiberglass surface that is combined with durable steel construction. An Uxbridge friend has metal garage doors, and wanted them to look like classic wood. So why not make metal doors look like real wood? Until now, you either had to have a real wood garage door or settle for a painted one. A few vendors are making a steel garage door that is painted to look like wood. Now mind you, these are the average run-of-the-mill metal garage doors that are on 99 of the houses we see.

Instead, use these to pack up your scrap metal, tank traps, wire fencing kits, Coke and Pepsi cans. Wood Wall Garage Door (ItemWoodWallGarageDoor) x 1. New in v1.0.2.4 Owner of the garage door can downgrade the door to an unlocked door(remove the combo lock). Metal doors are far more resistant to dings and the elements than wood doors, but any door will deteriorate if not properly cared for. Though some repairs could be made by the homeowner, the weight of the door makes it best to employ a highly rated garage door contractor, installer or repair company who has the equipment and is trained to make repairs safely. Individuals that want a garage door that has the look of wood but the strength of steel will find that the wood composite styles provide ideal results. Decorative hardware helps the new metal products mimic wood doors of yester-year. Strap hinges on the sides make steel doors look ready to swing open, and handles in the middle give the impression that the units can be pulled open instead of swung overhead.