Make Your Own Litter Box Cabinet (DIY Project Download)

Build a cat litterbox that can be placed anywhere in your home. We found the kind of storage cabinet we wanted for this project, took measurements at the store, then went hunting for a plastic container to serve as a litter tray. They have their own designated toilet down in my basement. At the old house we had three litter boxes for the three cats. Fred’s DIY Self Ventilating Cat Litter Box Project is genius and has step-by-step instructions if you are very, very handy.

make your own litter box cabinet 2Marc Morrone and guest Tom Tamborello build a kitty commode out of a cabinet to hide a litter box. How to Prevent Your Cutting Board From Sliding. DIY Furniture Projects. Make your own by checking out detailed instructions provided by Heart n’ Crafts. Find the Meow Town Litter Box Cabinet on Amazon. Build your kitty her very own cat hole. Are you more of a DIY kind of cat owner?

Last time she showed us her awesome DIY cat tower, that was based on Colin’s Kitty Castle. You finished off the hole you made in the litter box cabinet. In order to use newspaper for homemade cat litter, you will need to shred it. You may also be able to contact a local cabinet shop (or other woodworking company) and get the wood shavings and sawdust for free. You can create the same attractive setting inside by using sand in the kitty litter box. Make a template for the new litter box door by tracing the outline of the door from an old plastic litter box lid on a piece of scrap cardboard. Home Jelly: DIY Weekend Project: Turn an Old Cabinet Into a Kitty Loo.

Video: How To Build A Kitty Commode For A Litter Box

make your own litter box cabinet 3Do you have a cat that unintentionally pees over the side of the box? Here’s how you can make your own covered litter box that’s big enough for any size cat and too tall to pee over the edge. One of the most affordable cat litter box furniture you can find that has such a cool design. You will find great reviews on Amazon, so do not hesitate to check it out and make your own opinion. Anyway, I saw the Clevercat Litter Box at one of the big pet stores and thought that it was pure genius. February (19) Clevercat Litter Box Knock-Off. I will make one and share your idea with my daughter. Modify a common plastic box to make a much better litter box than you can buy. As you can see from the picture, it would also make for a great sleeping cabinet to give your cat a bit of privacy. Com is NOT meant to be a substitute for advice from your own veterinarian. This guide contains homemade cat litter box ideas. It only takes a few dollars and a few minutes to make a piece of furniture that is completely washable and will last practically forever.

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