Make Your Own Top Entry Litter Box (DIY Project Download)

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I went on Amazon to find some reviews on different litter boxes and came across the Clevercat top entry litter box. It seemed to offer everything we needed in a litter box except for dedicated wifi hotspot and twitter. Join 2 million + to receive instant DIY inspiration in your inbox. I’m in! I was concerned that he might be too big for the top entry hole or that he might not like it, but he has had no problems adjusting to this new box. I will make one and share your idea with my daughter. Make your own top entry litter box. Great solution for baby proofing the litter box if your kids like to dig in it!

make your own top entry litter box 2The first time I saw a top-entry litter box, I wondered where it had been all my life. That top-oriented entrance hole looked like it would cut down dramatically on my cat tracking litter out of the box on her paws and eliminate accidental out-of-the-box spraying. Katie’s DIY No Mess Litter Boxes – made from filing boxes. Diy litterbox hider with an entry grate to keep litter inside..brilliant. Brilliant. It’s a top entry litter box, but you can do it yourself with a large plastic storage container. Are you sick of sweeping excessive litter around the litter box? Would you like to hid the contents of the litter box? Well, you need to make yourself a top-entry litter box. The price is unbeatable. This DIY litter box can be yours for only 5 to 10.

Making your own litter box doesn’t require any great construction abilities, and you need not touch a hammer or saw. All you need is a large, thick plastic storage container with a lid, a marker and a strong knife or pair of scissors. For top entry boxes, make sure a light source is nearby so your cat can see what he’s doing inside. Despite popular belief, cats really cannot see in the dark, and you wouldn’t want to be completely blind as you go to the bathroom. Diy litterbox. DIY Top Entry Litter Box, compared to Clever Cat box. Punishing these cats is not only inhumane but is ineffective and will often make things worse. I really dislike the Clevercat Top Entry litter box and I strongly urge people to stay away from it.

Ikea Recycling Bin To Diy Top-entry Litter Box Ikea Hackers

make your own top entry litter box 3Do you find yourself constantly having to wipe the edges of a covered box so urine doesn’t drip on your carpet? I had these problems and after trial and error, found a solution. Here’s how you can make your own covered litter box that’s big enough for any size cat and too tall to pee over the edge. Modify a common plastic box to make a much better litter box than you can buy.quick and easy to do. Some older or arthritic kitties don’t always aim their streams down past the top lip of a shallow box. 3. This homemade top entry litter box work great for my two kitties. How to Make a DIY Marquee Light Box. This litter box for felines comes in a white shade, making it simple to match with your existing furnishings. With its rectangular shape and compact size, this litter box is small enough to store in a corner out of sight to create an organized look in your living space. I am a cat rescue and I own at least eight of this litter box. There’s another better version of the top entry box with holes punched in the lid so the litter falls right back in – that’s probably the best lid design I’ve seen and I might invest in one of those next. Here you go, a pair of posts from earlier in the week about a DIY home remodel. So I found the super-easy instructions online to make my own version of it. Remember, they step in their own feces and then jump on your bed, couches, kitchen counters, ect.

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