Making A Headboard With Buttons (DIY Project Download)

making a headboard with buttons 1

Creating an upholstered headboard is a do-it-yourself project that adds style and a touch of your own personality to your bedroom with your choice of fabrics as well as making your bed potentially more comfortable to sit up in. If you tuft a headboard with buttons, the upholstered result evokes a feeling of elegance and provides a cushioned surface to lean against while reading or watching television. Learn the easiest method to make your own DIY Diamond Tufted Headboard for under 50! This is by far the most detailed and easy-follow tutorial out there!. The goal here is to make holes in the foam for every single button that’s large enough for the button to rest at the bottom of the hole. 23 through step 25 of this upholstered headboard DIY for details.

making a headboard with buttons 2A padded headboard is little more than a piece of plywood covered with padding and upholstery fabric. Buttons on a padded headboard can make the headboard a very attractive piece. Slowly start to drill, making sure to not snag the fabric or foam with the screw. Using a strong fabric glue, cover the screws with the buttons. I used Dritz Aluminum Cover Button Kits-Size 30 3/4” from JoAnn’s to make them.

First, you want to create your buttons. Pick up a button making kit from a craft or fabric store. Use remnants of your fabric to create fabric-covered buttons. For this step, follow the directions that come with your button kit and make the appropriate amount of buttons for your headboard. Keep in mind that the thicker your fabric is, the harder this will be. Discover 22 DIY fabric headboards and headboard ideas you can do yourself with a little time and creativity. With a lot of buttons, you’ll get a lot of tufts, which looks good in its own style.

How To Put Buttons On A Fabric Headboard

Secure the thread with an upholstery staple. Repeat the process for all the buttons. Check the front of the headboard periodically to ensure that the tufts are all equal depth.

Diy Upholstered Headboard