Making A Paper Jewelry Box (DIY Project Download)

How to Create a 3D origami jewelry box with lid Paper houses don’t make very sturdy shelters for those living inside, but paper jewelry boxes make excellent storage boxes for keepsake jewelry. Make several secret jewelry boxes from carboard and have them in different places in your home. DIY paper box: tutorial: Simplest Box Ever Damask Love. So with 1 12×12 inch piece of scrapbook paper you can make 4 boxes!

making a paper jewelry box 2Learn how to make a gift box out of pretty scrapbook paper! You only need two sheets of scrapbook paper and glue to make a unique, one-of-a-kind gift box! Here are several ways to make your own jewelry box to keep your precious items safe. Apply the stain generously and wipe off the excess with a paper towel or rag. You need to cover the surface area of both sides and the ends, but don’t worry about getting all of the 1/4 inch side because these sides will be glued together. In this two part tutorial, learn how to fold an origami jewelry box. All you need is paper and your fingers. This is a very cool origami project that is fun and easy to learn.

Girls love to own unique jewelry boxes. You can simply buy jewelry boxes form stores, but if you can make your own jewelry box it’ll be unique. This instructable shows you how to make a simple, easy & pretty jewelry box out of cardboard. Here, we make an origami box with cover that is really useful and practical. It can be used to store various items such as candy, paper clips, pins, jewelry and rings!. Construct paper jewelry boxes for kids to house all of your precious valuables and treasures. Learn more about how to make paper jewelry boxes.

How To Make A Gift Box Out Of Scrapbook Paper

making a paper jewelry box 3Martha is joined by the talented Jane Seymour to chat about her new book and jewelry line, Open Hearts, and to make beautiful embellished jewelry boxes. Step by step tutorial and printable for creating a flower-tab gift box perfect for gifting jewelry or party favors! We carry cardboard jewelry boxes and plastic pillow boxes that are perfect for gift giving. We’ve been solving packaging logistics issues and making people’s lives easier since 1921. I always enjoy making things from paper and we planned to make a jewellery box. We had nearly 10 days to submit the project. We can make lot of things using this idea. Learn how to fold a paper box with these simple step-by-step instructions. Perfect for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, or any other gift-giving occasion. Try this cute Jewellery box and protect your jewellery.Kriti and Mandy are our host for this easy DIY tutorial.

Diy Jewelry Box

By itself, the box makes a thoughtful birthday, Mother’s Day or holiday gift. Remove paper labels and lightly sand caps to smooth imperfections (Image 3). prev. How-To Make a Gift Box Using Scrapbook Paper or Greeting Cards. Gather: Card-stock, greeting card, or heavy paper. Bead and or button. These step-by-step photos will have you making gift boxes in no time. I’ll show you a super-simple design that’s really easy to make – you can even download a printable template. Make a box using your own craft paper and card stock. Print one of these templates onto the blank side. Jewelry Box with Velvet Cushion All of our products are perfectly presented in a paper jewelry box, but if you would like something nicer to make a perfect mome.