Making A Wooden Sword Sheath (DIY Project Download)

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As I admired it, I thought about building a sheath to protect it; as well as trying to make an Instructable at the same time. The Black Walnut was given to me free of charge as someone had cut it for fire wood (what a shame)!!! I tend to keep a lot of stuff around, that I sometimes find a use for. I thought scabbards were for swords! My sons really enjoyed Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword, and were keen to get swords and shields so they could start pretending to hack apart hordes of minions in the back yard. This instructable will show you how to make robust versions of Link’s sword, a scabbard, replicas of his wooden shields, and fully functional slingshots. Now, I am not entirely sure if it’s the same way everywhere, but at least in the con’s I’ve gone to, carrying metal swords is forbidden, or, if allowed, it is forbidden to unsheathe metal swords, weather they have edge or not.

making a wooden sword sheath 2You can make one out of wood by following the directions below. If you’re going to line the sheath with wood (more on that later), the leather can be quite thin. If you’re making a wooden sheath, where the wood will show, you want something decorative of course. Wooden sheaths were quite common for swords, saexes and larger knives. It’s a brilliant one-page on scabbard making! Thanks Peter for sharing. How would you carve the wood to perfectly fit the sword? It seems to me that there is no room for error and just the slightest tenth of a millimeter would make your scabbard loose.

To make a handle or sheath for your sword blade, you will need four pieces of wood that match the length and width of the sword, with one being an inch longer for leeway. Make sure to clip seams at curves and it will be fine (the decorations cover the end, anyway). What I did for my master sword scabbard was the same thing on that tutorial with the wood but instead, I used foam boards. How to Make a Wooden Sword Need a sword that looks cool but won’t be too dangerous? You can make one out of wood by following the directions below.

How To Make A Wooden Sword: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

Compliment your costume by creating a wooden sword and scabbard. Make a wooden toy sword and scabbard as a do-it-yourself woodworking project. Showtopic 23889)After I had finished the sword, I really needed to take a break from metal working, so making a scabbard was right up my alley. So I was relieved when I found a method that utilizes thin wooden slats bent to form the scabbard core. You can make one out of wood by following the directions below. Get a piece of How to Make Wooden Chairs. Wooden chairs can be as simple or as elaborate as you want them to be. Wooden sword build notes (AKA The Elucidator) Remaining SAO notes. The Dark Repulser, made from foamboard, received a foamboard sheath and the Elucidator, made from wood, received a worbla sheath.

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