Making Wooden Spoons Video (DIY Project Download)

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Peter shows us how to make our own darn spoons! Carving Swedish Spoons with Peter Follansbee. 26:46Video duration: 26:46 Aired: 12/17/11 Rating: NRVideo has closed captioning..Peter shows us how to make our own darn spoons! I want to share this excellent video of my friend Jarrod Stone Dahl from Wisconsin carving a spoon from green wood. It’s really nicely shot and takes you through the whole process. In this video Barnaby Carder carves a wooden spoon. Video by Christopher Symes.

making wooden spoons video 2See how he creates his elegantly simple designs from start to finish in this video. My spoon carving tools starter kit proved incredibly popular in the run up to Christmas. I make hook knives for spooncarving and teach how to use them on courses so thought it might be useful for folk to have a video of how I use a hook knife to carve the bowl of a spoon. So when I stumbled on an old article from Mother Earth News on how to carve your own wooden spoon, I was intrigued. The bottom line is that making a wooden spoon for your kitchen or as a gift is a relatively simple project that requires very few tools and is rewarding way to spend an afternoon.

Barnaby Carder – who calls himself Barn the Spoon – spends his days sitting in a London shopfront, painstakingly carving wooden spoons. Real Time is a new series of video features for the BBC News website in which ordinary people tell their own extraordinary stories. About North Bay Forge on Waldron Island in the San Juan Islands, Washington. Jim Wester is a full time Blacksmith, making hand forged wood carving knives and decorative ironwork. Spoon Making Router Jig (ep43) Kitchen Utensil Challenge 2015. Here is the video documents the jig build as well as a test spoon. I lieu of a wood burning tool I turned to my butane powered soldering iron to give it a makers mark.

The Simple Art Of Spoon Carving

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. EJ talks about the practical and spiritual experience of spoon making. EJ is a product designer,. Master woodworker Luke Barnett gave a class in carving wooden spoons Saturday at the Adrian Center for the Arts. Hey, guys, I’ve got another great DIY Mother’s Day gift idea just in time for the weekend. I know, I know I’m a bit late posting this one but trust me if you want these awesome etched wooden spoons you’ll only need an hour or so to whip them up. 2385 wood carving stock footage video clips, plus over 2.5 million HD and 4K clips in every category, starting at just 19. Sign up for free today. A series of clips of an old retired wood carver creating a wooden spoon from start. HD 00:18. Watch the video to understand how he makes his case against round wooden spoons. I, Todd, do have a disclaimer for the opinions expressed in the video. Still, I agree with him to a point and if I had to choose between only a flat edged wooden spoon or a rounded edge spoon, I’d have to go with flat. Making the Stars Video is Up for Free. Yes, we have another video you can watch for free on that teaches you how to make faceted wooden stars from scraps that are stunningly beautiful. Wooden Spoons Order and Making My Stars.

The Man Who Makes His Living Whittling Wooden Spoons

Everything Michael says about the rounded wooden spoon’s design in this Stupid Kitchen Tools video is correct. I have a flattish, almost paddle like, short handle spoon I use for thick stews and dog food making. There is the long handled one for making huge pots of stock and soup. It’s been a long time since the magazine featured spoon carving and I’m proud to be in it. That said, there are lots of great spoon carvers out there and I can name a few that I think deserve to be heard more than me.