Mastering Tracks (DIY Project Download)

Try LANDR audio & music mastering for free and sound better instantly. Drag & drop your mix into LANDR and listen to an instant preview. Mastering your tracks can be a bit of a minefield and is often seen as the domain of the professional. However, if your tracks are just for demo purposes, a DJ set or even use on the net, you may want to tackle the job yourself. Paul White offers a few pointers to becoming a Master of mastering. Once you’ve decided on a running order for the tracks on the album, you’ll need to match their levels.

mastering tracks 2A straightforward guide to ensuring great results, and avoiding the many pitfalls, when mastering your own tracks. Tips on EQ, Stereo Enhancement, Compression and Limiting. Audio mastering is the process of taking a mix and preparing it for distribution. This doesn’t mean that you simply make one preset and use it on all your tracks so that they have a consistent sound. The mastering engineers at the SoundLAB at Disc Makers can give your music the soaring highs and booming lows it needs to compete against all the other releases out there.

Most audio software comes with tools that can help you master your music yourself. Here are some of the basics of home studio mastering! Want to learn a little bit about mastering music? Find out everything you want to know about mixing and mastering music by reading our article on music recording mastering. Audio mastering Gigs on Fiverr. Find remastering, editing, mixing recording, audio editing and more music Gigs on All services start at 5.

Mastering: How To Master Your Tracks Like A Pro

Mastering is the final step in transforming your music before it is replicated or ready for download. Audiomaster offer high-end audio and CD mastering to labels, studios, bands, producers and musicians. Searching deep within the interwebs for an Ableton Live mastering tutorial because you want to learn about how to master your own music. Make great songs better. Should I have my music mastered? These simple steps will show you how to bring your tracks up to par with the pro stuff.

Home Recording Studio Tips: 6 Steps To Mastering Your Music