Matco Triple Bay Tool Box Weight (DIY Project Download)

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Customer reviews for Matco Tools 4S TRIPLE BAY 25” TOOL BOX BLACK PAINT W/ CHROME TRIM. I have the top drawer loaded with sockets, nowhere near the maximum weight it can hold, and yet when I close the drawer it wobbles side to side. Any ideas on how much it maight weigh when loaded. The tool box if empty will move safely on a truck, and be easy to handle with one or two sets of muscle – and the individual banker boxes of tools and crap are an easy one man load. I have a Mac tools single bay, top and bottom, with a side cabinet. I don’t like moving my box like this, since it is very tall and thin, unlike most Mac/SnapOn/Matco boxes. Find best value and selection for your Matco 6S 3 Bay Tool Box search on eBay. As a whole, the storage cabinet and chest have a combined weight capacity of 1,800 lbs.

matco triple bay tool box weight 2FL FS/T Matco Triple Bay Tool Box 2.5k For Sale Items. I have a matco 4325r triple bay tool box for sale. The color is flat black with black handles. I weigh 185 pounds. So I may be purchasing a nice used box tomorrow and was wondering if anybody here had experience moving one of these things. Its a Matco 11-drawer double-bay that’s 25 deep. I need to replace my 35 year old Craftsman roll away and top box. If they are sturdy enough to accomplish those things, and the guage metal used in constructing the box is sufficient to handle the weight your putting in it, then the box ought to be a good one, regardless of brand. I have a triple bay Matco bottom box that I dont need since I retired.

Matco 5S 17-Drawer 3 Bay Standard Rollaway Tool Box 5328RX with heavy-duty 6? casters, approximate overall dimensions: 74?w x 28? Archive Toolbox wrap poll Off Topic Discussion. OMG. Matco guy got mad at us for making fun of the 13k toolbox. Every drawer has sealed bearings, and no matter how much weight you put in them, they always open smoothly.

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matco triple bay tool box weight 3Looking for a quality box that can hold some weight in tools. My dad has a big Matco box, and I have a Matco tool cart. 155936My work setup,all snap on,best ive had,My home box is a mac triple bay with locker and stainless top.Ive owned everybrand and snap on hands down my favorite.

What Is The Weight Of The Matco 5s Triple Bay